Mosaics by Mosaics with Lemaryn

This week on Show Me How, Gloria Bastos is joined by Lemaryn Alberts of Mosaics by Lemaryn. She shows us the versatile uses of mosaics on chairs, mirrors, tissue boxes, holders, outdoor designs and a whole lot more. She will teach us various techniques such as cutting and gluing glass tiles, adding grout, texture, creating different colour shades and so much more! We will also visit her factory where she shows us the production of these glass tiles.

Slim Strip Glass Tiles
By Lemaryn Alberts
Mosaics by Lemaryn
TEL: 0116605304


  • Photocopied designs on 80mg paper
  • Sheets of glass
  • Lemaryn’s glass glue
  • Soft paint brush
  • Glass scorer
  • Thinners
  • Tile breaker
  • Craft knife


  • Step 1: Photocopy patterns/designs onto normal 80mg office paper using a laser printer.
  • Step 2: Using a soft brush, apply an even coat of glue onto a clean piece of glass. No lines must be visible. Gently place the paper down onto the glue, turn the tile over and smooth the glue out towards the edges and sides of the tile. Don’t try and rub all the glue out. Just gently smooth out the bubbles (if there are any visible). Left over glue will dry clear. Place at an angle, in a sunny position, for approximately 10 minutes after which your tile should be dried and clear.
  • Step 3: Repeat above instructions and make all your tiles.
  • Step 4: To cut the tiles into desired lengths, place your tiles on a smooth, hard surface and using the glass scorer, score the tile. (Tip of scorer has to be wet with thinners/turps). Press hard and in an upright position, push away from you, scoring the glass. Break the tile on the score line using the tile-breaker. Turn the glass over and cut the paper backing on the break line, using a craft knife.

Circular Mirror
By Lemaryn Alberts
Mosaics by Lemaryn
TEL: 0116605304


  • Kit with round wooden board & round mirror
  • Slim Strip Glass Tiles
  • Grout
  • Two wheeled cutter
  • Craft knife
  • Craft glue


  • Step 1: Start by placing 4 strips around the mirror, using North, East, South and West as guidelines. This will prevent you from going skew.
  • Step 2: You can now start placing your other tiles. Apply glue to the tile and then stick it onto the wood. Use your two wheeled cutter to cut pieces to required size. Try to keep the spacing between the tiles as small as possible.
  • Step 3: Carry on sticking all the tiles to the wood. You can even use some ceramic inserts if you like. Once you have covered the entire wooden surface, allow the glue to dry for about 4 hours or overnight and only grout the next day.
  • Step 4: Grouting
    • Mix the grout with water (3 parts grout/1 part water) in the bowl provided.
    • Keep half of the in the packet (to be added if necessary) to thicken the grout.
    • Mix it to a thick paste (thicker than toothpaste!)
    • Apply grout onto the tiles, working quickly all over, making sure it goes into all the groves and spaces between the tiles.
    • As soon as the whole surface is covered, wipe off excess with a slightly moist cloth/sponge or wet wipes.
    • Allow to dry for about 20min.
    • Using a soft cloth, wipe your mosaics clean and buff the tiles until they shine.

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