Mosaic House Number

Mosaic House Number
by Marina Giovitto Ehlers
Mosaic Arts


    • Fibre cement board with a metal frame 1 packet black glass pebbles
    • Two strips of Lalele handmade ceramic tiles Scissors
    • 1/9 sheet 10x10mm Petite ceramics Silicone
    • 1/4 sheet 20x20mm Winckelmans unglazed ceramic
    • Grey Tile Grout Grouting Squeegee
    • Newspaper Sponge
    • Small plastic tub Bucket of Water
    • (Optional: Pool Acid)


    • Step 1: Cut the mosaic tiles into strips to fit onto the fibre cement board.
    • Step 2: Plan your mosaic spacing by laying the tiles into the frame to make sure they fit.
    • Step 3: Stick the tiles into the frame with silicone.
    • Step 4: Construct your number with the pebbles on top of the mosaic and stick it with silicone.
    • Step 5: Allow to dry overnight.
    • Step 1: Mix the grey tile grout with water in the plastic tub.
    • Step 2: Squeegee it into the gaps removing excess grout.
    • Step 3: Sprinkle dry grout over the wet grout.
    • Step 4: Rub with newspaper until all the grout is rubbed off the tiles.
    • Step 5: Allow to dry for a week.
    • Step 1: Take a cap of pool acid. Dilute it a cap of water.
    • Step 2: Paint it over the surface of the tiles.
    • Step 3: Leave for 5 minutes and wash off completely with water.

WARNING: Pool acid will burn your skin.
Take care to not get it on your skin or clothes