Get it done – Mobile Wooden Planter


Shopping list:

  • 38mm x 38mm brandering cut to:
    • – 3 pieces of 3,6m lengths
  • 16mm thick Saligna wood x 70mm wide:
    • – 5 pieces of 2,4m lengths
  • Pine 20mm x 70mm:
    • -2 pieces of 500mm long
  • 4 x wheels
  • Outdoor varnish
  • 30mm chipboard screws
  • 20mm chipboard screws
  • Pot plant with 30cm rim

Tool list:

  • Bosch PST 700 PE jigsaw
  • PSL 300 saw station for jigsaws
  • Bosch PSR 10,8 cordless drill/driver
  • Bosch Drill bit accessory set x 60
  • Bosch PSR 14,4 Li-2 cordless drill/driver
  • Bosch PFS Paint spray system
  • IXO Vino


  1. The first in building your planter is to cut the brandering to size. You’ll need four uprights at 330mm. and 8 horizontal pieces at 400mm.
  2. Attach all your brandering together to build a frame. First attach four pieces together to make a square (drill pilot holes first). Then build another square exactly the same. To do the other side, first mark the wood where all the holes are to go before drilling the pilot holes for the screws. Don’t forget that each end will have two screws going through it, so remember to offset them so they don’t clash.
  3. Join the four pieces together, remembering to glue the wood first. After you’ve got your two frames, attach them together with the cross beams, one at each corner.
  4. The next step is to measure and cut all the slats that will be attached to the frame. You’ll need 20 slats, 10 of them at 440mm and then at 400mm.
  5. Once you’ve cut all your slats, it’s time to mark on the frame where you’re going to secure them. Place your first slat flush with the bottom of the frame and mark at the top of the slat. Move up the frame marking where each one will go. Once you’ve marked where your slats will go, drill all the pilot holes for the screws.
  6. Attach all the slats to the frame, leaving a small gap in-between each one for wood movement. A piece of sandpaper can serve as a spacer. Remember to put the screws in from the inside of the frame so they’re not visible on the outside.
  7. Once all the slats are in place, put the wheels on to the bottom of the frame, one in each corner.
  8. After that secure two pine slats to the bottom of the frame, this will be what your pot plant actually rests on.
  9. Now it’s time to measure and cut the four pieces that are going to seal the plan into the frame. Start by cutting four pieces of the same wood you used for the slats into 400mm pieces with a 45 degree angle on each end.
  10. Before sealing the plant in, get all your sanding and varnishing done. Make sure you varnish the inside as well as the outside of your planter.
  11. Once everything is dry, put your plant into the pot and then put the four 45 degree cut pieces of wood in and screw them into place.