Mixed Media Canvas Art

This week, Gloria is joined by Andrew Page from Page Design Company. He shows us how to use a mixed media art canvas project using polymer clay embellishments. You’ll learn how to use various art techniques, such as painting, stencilling, paper embellishments and assembling an intriguing multi-layered project that will suit your personal preferences.

Mixed Media Canvas Art

By Andrew Page

Page Design Company

Contact: pagedesigncompany@gmail.com


  • 9 Woodblocks or 9 Canvases of same size, the area where you want to hang your finished product will determine the size and amount of blocks you are going to use
  • A variety of craft paints and Page Design Chalk Board Paint depending on your colour scheme
  • 80grit sand paper
  • Modge Podge and acrylic varnish
  • Scrapbooking paper or fabric
  • Buttons and Embellishments
  • Black marker, glue, scissors, stippling brush and stencils


The Idea of this project is to use up all your odds and ends and combine the crafts supplies like stencils and stamps that you own already. So anything goes really!

  • Step 1:Paint all the blocks in Chalkboard paint in the colour you have chosen. Once they have dried use the sand paper to give it a distressed look, use light strokes to reveal the wood underneath.
  • Step 2:Choose the paper you would like to use for the background and hearts. Apply modge podge to the blocks and apply the paper over the modge, apply another layer over the paper to make sure it has properly adhered to the block.
  • Step 3:The opportunities really are endless when it comes to mixed media art. You can do anything that comes to mind. Use stencils or transfer medium to put pictures on the wood if you like. Polymer clay embellishments can also be used and stuck onto the blocks with wood glue. Dry brushing also works wonderfully. It really is up to you.