Mirror Mosaics

This week on Show Me How, Yuliya Tenditnyk of Gem Glass Mosaic shows us the secret behind making glass mosaics and then we make a stunning mosaic vase and pencil holder.

By Yuliya Tenditnyk
Gem Glass Mosaic
082 5313 818


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Mosaic Vase

  • Ceramic Vase
  • Gem Glass Mosaic in 2 colours 800gm in total
  • Prestik
  • Wood glue
  • Grout, Spreader & Spatula
  • Soft cloths
  • Pencil
  1. Decide on the design you would like and then draw it onto the vase using a pencil. In this case, we used flowers.
  2. Roll out long sausage like pieces of Prestik. Stick it onto your vase on a section where you’re going to start your mosaic. The Prestik will help the mosaic stay in place as it’s a rounded surface.
  3. Apply glue onto the vase in small sections, start with the red flowers and then the background colours. The stems of the flowers will be left open so they can be filled In with grout, instead of mosaic. You can also leave a little gap around the flowers, for more definition.
  4. Take off the Prestik boarders and apply so as to create a new section to work on. Repeat step 3 and 4 until the whole vase is covered. Let the vase dry overnight.
  5. Grout  
    1. Mix your grout with a spatula, add more or less water until a thick and creamy constancy is achieved. Spread the grout evenly, pushing it gently into the gaps with a spatula. When the gaps are filled, allow the grout to harden for 1-2 hours. Wipe off the excess grout with a damp cloth.
    2. Once the grout has completely set after about 24 hour, polish the vase with a soft dry cloth.
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Mosaic Paintbrush Holder

  • Wooden paint brush holder blank
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Paint brush, spatula, spreader & soft cloths
  • Gem Glass Mosaic in 3 different colours, 500gm in total
  • Wood Glue & Grout
  1. Start by painting the wooden blank inside and out with black paint. Allow it to dry completely.
  2. Apply a thin even layer of glue onto one side of the holder. Start placing your mosaic pieces onto the glue. Repeat this on all 4 sides and then allow it to dry for about 2 hours.
  3. Grout
    1. In a small container mix the grout and water, the consistency you are looking for is thick and creamy. If you add too much water just mix more grout in, until the desired consistency is achieved.
    2. Using a spatula spread the grout out evenly over the mosaic and push it gently into the gaps. Allow the grout to dry for about 2 hours and then wipe off the excess grout with a damp cloth.
  4. Leave the holder to dry for about 24 hours, this will ensure the grout is properly set. You can now polish the vase with a soft dry cloth, to reveal the beautiful mosaic pieces.
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