Metal-pipe Coat Rack

Creating projects from metal plumbing pipes is a fun and interesting way to go about DIY! Building a coat rack is easy and can be customised to suit your needs.

Material List:


Material list

PSR 18 Cordless Drill driver 3/4inch (20mm galvanised fittings)
Wire brush for drill bend/elbow 90 deg female both sides – 10 pieces
PEX 300 Eccentric Sander TEE (female all sides) – 6 pieces
PRR 250 Sander Y (female all sides) – 2 pieces
Brass wire wheel to fit PRR straight pipe 150mm – 11 pieces
Large Flexible Sanding roller to fit PRR Straight pipe 500mm – 1 piece
PST 18 Cordless Jigsaw Straight pipe 200mm – 1 piece
Plumbers pliers Straight pipe 300 mm – 1 piece
foam/sponge sanders mixed grit Straight pipe 100mm – 2 pieces
caps – 2 pieces
flanges – 4 pieces
castor wheels +/- 40mm
1/2 inch (15mm galvanised fittings)
flange – 4 pieces
Elbow 45 deg equal female – 4 pieces
plugs – 4 pieces
nipple – 4 pieces
Quickset clear epoxy
Laquer Thinners – 1 bottle
Citrus cleaner – 1 bottle
Metal primer spray paint (we should still have)
Spray paint – metalic bronze type colour – 1 tin


  1. Clean all the pipes with thinners and citrus cleaner
  2. Brush down with wire brush
  3. Mix epoxy glue
  4. Start with the base and join the elbows to the straight pipes
  5. From there start with the upright pipes
  6. Attach Y pieces
  7. Attach T pieces
  8. Attach last uprights
  9. Fit the cap ends
  10. Sand the complete coat rack
  11. Spray with primer
  12. Spray with colour
  13. Make wooden base and attach the coat rack to the base using wood screws