Masai Mother-and-Child Sculpture

Masai Mother-and-Child Sculpture
by Bobby Westman


  • Masai head – Agnes A013
  • Baby Masai A008
  • Wooden stand PX004
  • 500ml Powertex Green PG500
  • Bronze Colourtricx C016
  • Power Varnish V125
  • Consumables: Masking Tape, Flat Brush, Foil 30 x 70cm, Latex gloves
  • plastic to cover work surface
  • 1 strip of T-shirt/cotton knit fabric – 5cm x 15cm
  • 1 piece of T-shirt/cotton knit fabric – 15cm x 30cm
  • 1 piece of knitted fabric (eg.muslin / knitted fabric) 7cm x 20cm.


  • Step 1: Attach Masai head to top of wooden stand, hold and wrap broad piece of aluminium foil
  • around bottom edge of Masai head and twist gently onto the wooden stand.
  • Step 2: Using masking tape, tape from the top moving down to cover all the aluminium foil.
  • Step 3: Paint a layer of Powertex onto the Masai head and paint over the wrapped masking tape
  • including the wooden stand.
  • Step 4: Paint the Masai baby and leave to dry for a couple of minutes.
  • Step 5: Pour Powertex Green into a plastic container and dip 5 x 15cm strip of fabric into the
  • Powertex and wrap tightly from the top of the wooden base upwards using all the fabric.
  • Step 6: Dip the 7 x 20cm muslin cloth into the Powertex Green, wring out well and while holding the baby to the breast of the mother, tightly wrap the knitted fabric around the baby and the mother. Tuck loose end away so as to secure the “blanket.”
  • Step 7: Now dip the larger piece 15 x 30cm T-shirt cotton knit fabric into the Powertex and work through into all the fibres, once that is done and the cloth feels almost dry to the touch, drape onto the shoulders of the Masai and around the baby. Be sure to have lots of folds as this all adds to the end result.
  • Step 8: Leave to dry for about an hour and then dry brush by dipping clean brush into Power
  • Varnish and depositing that onto a piece of plastic and then dip brush into the Colourtricx bronze and into the varnish deposited on the plastic. Mix well and dry brush by running diagonally across the folds.

TIP: The Masai and the beads can be painted with any cr