Make Do and Mend

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Make Do and Mend team set out to save the viewer money by making the cheap beautiful, and the beautiful cheap.  

A hit squad of renovation experts target towns across Britain, showing families from every walk of life how to boost their finances using inventive tips and skills. Skill more valuable than money can buy!

This brand new lifestyle series shows you how to live well and have fun without damaging your pocket.  And every day the audience will be able to take away extra top tips in the Mending Our Ways bite size guides.

Episode 1 – BRISTOL

The Make Do & Mend team roll into Bristol – but can they make being thrifty fun for the Stagelights Amateur Dramatics Club?

Episode 2 – BRISTOL

Fun guy Simon goes foraging for mushrooms and Lucia helps re-vamp a seat with a salty past.

Episode 3 – BRISTOL

Lucia and DIY Jo get kitsch with some kitchen tiles, whilst Simon has an offal time at the butchers! 

Episode 4 – BRISTOL

Lucia has a crafty solution to a birthday bargain present, and Simon cooks up a perfect birthday tea.

Episode 5 – BRISTOL

The heat is on at Simon’s money making buffet, and DIY Jo raises the roof with her money saving energy audit.

Episode 6 – BARRY

The Make Do & Mend team hit the coastal town of Barry – but can they make the cheap beautiful and the beautiful cheap for the Barry Women’s Rugby Team?

Episode 7 – BARRY

DIY Jo goes on a bathroom shopping spree and saves money, and Lucia’s all charitable when it comes to wedding wear.

Episode 8 – BARRY

Simon feeds some fussy kids for less than a fiver, but will DIY Jo’s bathroom horrors ever end?

Episode 9 – BARRY

Life’s a beach in Barry as Lucia attempts to revamp the Thomas’ bathroom mirror, and Simon plays culinary cupid to two love-struck teenagers. 

Episode 10 – BARRY

After a week in bathroom hell for DIY Jo, it’s time for the big reveal… But will Simon’s attempts to cook an after-match meal for the Ravens Women’s Rugby team end in tears?

Episode 11 – CARDIFF

The Make Do & Mend team ride into Cardiff – but can they help the Toys ‘n’ Toys playgroup make the most of the pounds in their pockets?

Episode 12 – CARDIFF

DIY Jo faces up to a flat pack challenge, and Lucia tries her hand at charity shop chic.

Episode 13 – CARDIFF

Simon gets into a bit of a jam with a Pastor, and DIY Jo puts the fun back into an old bookcase.

Episode 14 – CARDIFF

Simon sees if two can dine for less than a tenner a time, and can Lucia stitch up a maternity wear make-over?

Episode 15 – CARDIFF

Lucia’s mums wow the crowds with a fantastic frugal fashion show, but will DIY Jo get the hang of sourcing cheap doors?

Episode 16 – BATH

The Make Do & Mend team pitch up in Bath, but can they make sweet money-saving music with the Suli Samba Band?

Episode 17 – BATH

DIY Jo’s money saving paint party makes a big splash, and Lucia gives a crash course in stitching.

Episode 18 – BATH

Simon helps a kitchen virgin cook up a storm, whilst Lucia’s called in to perform an emergency op – on a teddy bear.

Episode 19 – BATH

Simon’s cooking skills are challenged to the max by a kitchen machine that belongs in a museum, and will it be curtains for Lucia?

Episode 20 – BATH

It’s time for DIY Jo to reveal the dining room makeover, and Lucia gets a charity shop shock!