Luxury Homes Revealed

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If you had all the money in the world, what would your ultimate luxury home look like? Well, come on a journey with us as we dream big. 

Take an intimate tour with host Gary Takle as he goes inside the private mansions of the Hollywood elite, tech billionaires and the super-rich to see how the other half live. Check out the latest luxe looks and what money can buy in these pimped-out pads. 

From underground bowling alleys to rooftop putting greens, these ultimate luxury homes have it all.

Episode 1

Judy Goss takes us on a tour of a five-level apartment building, a four-bed penthouse in Manhattan in a former chocolate factory, and a three-bed loft that defines urban lining in New York.

Episode 2

Judy Goss takes us on a tour of a historic masterpiece of its time, a four-bed, $10-million apartment, and old-world charm meets modern amenities in this spectacular waterfront home.

Episode 3

Judy Goss takes us on a tour of New York’s tallest residential skyscraper, a Californian modern home owned by one of the world’s most successful music producers, and a waterfront home in the Hamptons.

Episode 4

Gary Takle takes us on a tour of a 7,000-square-foot penthouse in New York, a brand-new listing by David Parnes, and a Hamptons waterfront home.

Episode 5

Judy Goss takes us through the hottest penthouse in New York, a historic converted mansion, and a property in the Hamptons with everything a billionaire could ever want.

Episode 6

Judy Goss takes us on a tour of the most expensive real estate in New York, a city pad in the heart of a city that never sleeps, and a modern home in Los Angeles.

Episode 7

Judy Goss takes us on a tour of a New York house with an incredible history, a brand-new modern property in Beverly Hills, and a gorgeous, authentic Hamptons-style estate.

Episode 8

We take a tour of a four-bed home in New York, a grand mansion in the heart of Manhattan, and a brand-new, $26-million home designed for the most discerning of buyers.

Episode 9

We take a tour of a penthouse with breath-taking water views, a stately mansion in Manhattan, and a penthouse in an old New York chocolate factory.

Episode 10

We take a tour of a house in the centre of Manhattan, a waterside home in New York with a massive pool and entertainment space, and a brand-new home with mid-century style.

Episode 11

We take a tour of the hottest building in Manhattan, a stunning and massive estate in Los Angeles, and a stately mansion on the upper west side.

Episode 12

We take a tour of the hottest building in Manhattan with everything a multi-billionaire could ever need, and a sprawling new estate situated among the homes of the Hollywood royalty.

Episode 13

We take a tour of a home in Hollywood where screen legends were created, a cool New York apartment, and two hot beach properties.

Episode 14

In this special, we’re going inside some of the most inspirational homes.  Gary is teaming up with celebrity real estate agents from the show Million Dollar Listing.

Episode 15

We see a mansion in Hollywood Hills that was recently remodelled, a $68-million home in California, and in New York, a four-level luxury penthouse with breath-taking views.