Loom Knitted Blanket



  • ELLE RUSTICA CHUNKY (50g balls)
  • 20 balls Aran 14 A
  • 6 balls Cloud 03 B
  • 4 balls Petrol 92 C
  • 4 balls Denim 50 D
  • One 58cm rectangular loom.
  • One loom hook.
  • One crochet hook (any size from 5mm – 6,5mm).
  • One darning needle.


  1. This blanket is made up of a number of different loom knitted squares, using a variety of interesting stitches.
  2. The instructions for the various squares are too long to have in this format, so please contact Hobby-X directly on info@expotrends.co.za and they’ll gladly email you the full pattern.
  3. If you prefer to use a fax machine, send your request to fax number 011 478 3684 and they’ll send you the pattern via fax.

You can buy the looming kits from any of the wool and knitting shops that stock Elle Yarns. If you go onto their website www.elleyarns.com, you’ll find a store locator that will point you to the one closest to you. The loom kits vary in price from R50 – R150 depending on how many looms are included.


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