Lino Hearts On Canvas

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Lino Hearts On Canvas


List of materials needed:

  • 2 x 20cm x 20cm Lino sheets 
  • Wood carving tools 
  • Craft knife 
  • Architects circle makers, French curves and ruler 
  • Black marker pen 
  • Sponge roller and tray 
  • Rubber roller 
  • 2 x Artists canvas (25cm x 25cm square and 22cm x 30cm) 
  • Fabric paint in lilac and bright pink



  • To make the prints on the canvas, you must use two separate lino blocks. One is very simple and one is very ornate.
  • For the simple shape….draw the shape onto the lino using the marker pen and French curves. Then cut around the outline using a V-shaped blade on the wood carving tool. You must then shape it using the craft knife.
  • For the ornate block…draw the pattern onto the lino using the marker pen. You must use the French curves, architect’s circle maker and ruler to shape the pattern.
  • Then use the wood carving tools to carve out the pattern (this part takes a few days to carve out).
  • Once you have carved out the pattern, shape the outline of the block using the craft knife.



  • Cover the working surface with an old dog blanket to catch the mess. (Optional)
  • Place a folded up towel into the space in the back of the canvas to support it so that the print registers nicely.
  • Place the ornate lino block onto a page on an old telephone directory.
  • Spread the fabric paint lightly on the tray using the sponge roller (do not put pressure on the sponge and do not scoop big blobs of paint).
  • Coat the ornate lino block with a coating of the lilac paint,
  • Place the lino face-up with the coating of paint on an open page and close the phone book on the lino to run a test print (The first print is always different from subsequent prints. It is quite a bit lighter.)
  • Now you must ink up the lino again.
  • Carefully place it where you want it to go on the canvas.
  • Once you have placed it on the canvas put pressure on the back of the lino with a rubber roller so that the whole print transfers and then carefully lift it off.
  • Once you are finished with the ornate print, drop the lino into a bucket of clean water.
  • Then ink up the simple shape with the bright pink paint (repeating the test print step and re-inking step like we did with the ornate lino block) and then drop the shape on top of the ornate print.
  • Let the print dry and then you will be left with a beautiful design on canvas.