Lamp and Load Shedding Candle Holder

Peter and Annalien make two projects related to load shedding. A lamp for when the lights are on and a candle holder for when the lights are off. Plus they give you a host of little tips to assist you with load shedding.

You will need:

Tools Materials
GMR 1 Router 20mm meranti (+/- 150mm wide or closest)
PSR 18 Cordless drill driver Lamp backing 700 mm – 1 piece
PTK 14 Tacker plus 10mm staples front leg 400 mm – 1 piece
PEX 220 Sander Back slat  250 mm – 1 piece
Glue gun 6mm ply wood
  Candle back 250 mm x 120mm – 1 piece 
  Candle sides 200 mm x 120mm – 2 pieces
  matchbox holder top and bottom plus candle holder bottom 180 mm x 130 mm – 3 pieces
  matchbox holder sides 38mm x 130mm – 2 pieces
  matchbox holder back 38 mm x 168 mm – 1 piece
  matchbox drawer front 36 mm x 166 mm – 1 piece
  matchbox drawer bottom 116mm x 166 mm – 1 piece
  matchbox drawer sides  30mm x 115 – 2 pieces
  matchbox drawer back 30mm x 166 – 1 piece
  mirror 3 mm
  back 100 mm x 200 mm – 3 pieces
  4 x 40mm screws
  wood glue
  Wire Twin flex 1.5mm – 1mtr (I will get)
  Globe (old type – I will get)
  light holder (I will get)
  Light switch (I will get)
  3 pin plug
  big box matches
  glass cover for old type oil lamp/lantern
  spray paint grey primer
  Spray paint maroon colour (not red)

Follow these steps:

Lamp Steps

  • Mark out where the foot piece and the back slat fit on the main plank
  • Router edges
  • Assemble foot piece and back piece onto main plank
  • Drill holes for wire to pass through
  • varnish
  • Fit light holder
  • Fit switch and plug

Candle holder Steps

  • Assemble base bottom, sides and top
  • Assemble drawer sides, bottom, top, sides and back
  • Drill hole for candle
  • Drill hole for glass fitting
  • Attach backing and sides to the bottom
  • Spray all parts with grey primer
  • Paint with colour
  • Glue mirrors onto backing and sides
  • Fit candle and glass

Download the plans/layout

Take a closer look:

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