Kids tree shelf

In this week’s episode of Get It Done, Peter and Annalien build a tree shelf, for a kids room.

You will need



PCM Compound Mitre saw 12mm MDF Supa wood
12 volt Cordless Drill driver Tree 1500 mm x 1500mm – 2 pieces (Cut 1 full board in half)
18 volt cordless drill driver 16mm MDF Supa wood
PEX Eccentric sander Shelves inside 300mm x 130mm – 9 pieces
PST 18 Volt cordless jigsaw Shelves outside 200mm x 200mm – 6 pieces
POF 1400 Router Wood glue
Dremel  4200 plus wood carving bits wood screws 3 x 25mm
  Paint to make it look like a tree
  Spray paint – (blue/red/yellow)

Follow these steps

  • Draw out outline of tree
  • Measure and mark out where shelves fit on both back and front
  • Cut out tree shape
  • Transfer shape onto the back board and cut out
  • Attach shelves to the front and back
  • Cut base shelf to size
  • Attach base shelf to the tree
  • Paint tree
  • Cut out “flower shelves”
  • Spray paint flower shelves
  • Attach to “branches”