Kids Furniture – Rocker and Side Table

In this week’s episode of Get It Done, Peter and Annalien shows you how to build a kids rocking hammock and side table with storage space for toys. With step by step guidance you are well on your way to becoming a DIY expert!

You will need:

Item Tools Materials
Kiddies Rocker PST 18 Jigsaw Ply wood 18mm
  POF 1400 Router plus round over bit Sides 600 mm x 1500 mm – 2 pieces
  PSR 10.8 Cordless drill Driver support slats 70mm x 550mm – 4 pieces
  PSR 18 Cordless Drill Driver Hammock material 2mtr x 800 mm – 1 piece
Table PEX 220 Eccentric/Random Orbital sander 16mm supa wood
  PTK 3.6 Tacker Top and bottom shelves 600mm x 600 mm – 2 pieces
  PFS 2000 spray gun legs 38 x 38mm brandering x 500 mm – 4 pieces
    netting material 1500 mm x 600mm – 1 piece
    wood screws 4 x 35mm
    wood glue
    dark varnish water based
    clear varnish water based – 5 ltr
    tube type pillow to match hammock material
    Masking tape 25mm – 2 rolls
    Drop sheets – 2 pieces
    non slip mesh 1500 x 1000mm – 1 piece
    Woodfiller to match dark varnish

Follow these steps:

Play table

  • Cut out top and bottom circle
  • Cut out centre circle in the top
  • Mark off and cut out for legs
  • Router edges
  • Assemble legs to top and bottom
  • Sand and varnish
  • Staple net inside the middle


  • Draw out shape for sides
  • Cut out shapes and sand together
  • Mark out for support slats
  • Rout edges
  • Attach support slats
  • Sand and varnish
  • Attach material for hammock