Kiddies wheel barrow

Whether you are looking to treat the kids with a fun project, or simply looking for a herb planter with a twist, a miniature wheel barrow is a fun and easy project. Peter and Annalien shows you how to make one using pine, adding colour by using a diluted paint mixture and finishing it off with a cute hessian canopy!

You will need

Tools Material list
PCM 7 Compound Mitre saw 20mm Pine PAR
PST 18 Jigsaw bottom 350mm x 400mm – 1 piece
PSR 18 Cordless Sides 450 mm x 200 mm – 2 pieces (grain in direction of long length)
PEX 220 sander Front and back 310 mm x 250mm – 2 pieces (grain in direction of long length)
PFS 2000 Spray gun canopy front and back 400 x 150 mm – 2 pieces (grain in direction of long length)
Glue gun canopy upright slats 500 mm x 70mm – 2 pieces (grain in direction of long length)
Palm router Feet 200 mm x 100mm – 2 pieces (grain in direction of long length)
Tacker plus staples 35 x 35 mm brandering 60mm – 2 pieces
PBD 40 drill press 30 mm round wooden pole (curtain rod type) 400 mm – 3 pieces
PBS 7/75  Belt sander plastic wheel 200mm – 1 piece 
  10mm threaded rod 300mm – 1 piece
  lock nuts to fit threaded rod – 4 pieces
  flat washers to fit threaded rod – 12 pieces
  4 x 40 mm screws
  wood glue
  paint tints/colourants (variety colours)
  Water based clear varnish
  material for canopy 550 mm x 500mm – 1 piece
  wood filler – pine
  Thinners – 1 bottle

Follow these steps

  1. Mark out shape in sides and cut
  2. Draw out shape on front and back and cut out
  3. Assemble sides to front and back
  4. Attach to bottom
  5. Cut handles to size and shape hand part with belt sander
  6. Cut wheel supports and drill hole for threaded rod
  7. Cut shape in canopy front and back
  8. Attach wooden rods between canopy front and back
  9. Cut shape into the feet x 2
  10. Sand everything and stain different colours
  11. Assemble handles to the wheel barrow
  12. Attach canopy to bucket
  13. Varnish with clear coat
  14. Attach wheels
  15. Attach material to canopy

Take a closer look

IMG_7718 IMG_7716


Download the instruction template:

Kiddies wheel barrow downloadble pdf