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With the latest in tiling design styles and tips, these four inserts showcase the latest when it comes to keeping your home on trend.

Man-made Designs

With a focus on the latest trends when it comes to man-made tile designs; stone, concrete and the Mediterranean styles bring character to any space.

Natural Design

Natural designs styles are on trend and are here to stay. Stone and wood are becoming a firm favourite to put in almost any space in your home.


It is very important to consider all the important steps when installing your tiles. Making sure that every step is adhered to will assist you to have the best finish.


To get the best quality for durability, one has to be critical in the selection process. Selecting the best tiles for your own space is ideal to keep you satisfied and your space looking rejuvenated.

Previous Inserts

These four one minute inserts showcase the latest trends when it comes to tiling and giving your home the latest look:

Insert 1: Inkject Tiles

This insert focuses on showing you the latest tile trends that are offered by inkject technology. It allows you to bring the natural beauty of stone and wood into your home.

Insert 2: Colour

It is important to note which colour palette will complement your living space. This insert explains the role of colour when it comes to tiling and why choosing the right tiles helps to create a harmonious space.

Insert 3: Selecting

In order to enjoy durability and good quality when it comes to good flooring options, one has to select the best tiles. This insert helps you to know what to consider when it comes to selecting your tiles.

Insert 4: Installation

It is important to know how to install your tiles properly so that you get the prefect finish. This insert gives you great tips to consider when it comes to tile installation.

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