How Clean Is Your House (UK)

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Dynamic duo Kim Woodburn and Aggie Mackenzie return to uncover the dirty secrets of Britain’s filthiest homes.

Armed with little more than a pair of rubber gloves and some valuable household advice, they persuade the unhygienic, the messy and the downright disgusting to clean up their act. Along the way, they reveal some horrifying facts about the bugs and microbes lurking in our homes.

“Aggie MacKenzie and Kim Woodburn have made housework more fashionable than ‘Big Brother’.” – The Guardian, UK

Episode 1.

The Queens of Clean are back in a brand new series of the show that’s quite literally filthy! Yup, Kim and Aggie have polished their crowns and are ready to take on Britain’s Grime Offenders. First up, their off to old McDonald’s farm… errr… sorry that should be Old Massingham’s farm!

When Ann and Adam Massingham ditched the London Rat Race for The Good Life in the country they went native in more ways than one. Now ten years on can Kim and Aggie turn their hovel back into a home? It’s on with the wellies and even Dora the goat has been drafted in to help. They’re baa-my!

Episode 2.

They’re the cleanest pair of scrubbers on television. Their names: Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie and they’re tackling some seriously stinking homes in their mission to clean the streets.
Pat Crothers likes to laugh which is just as well because her home is no joke. The pensioner lost bathroom to junk a decade ago, in the other rooms the floors have long since disappeared. Tears and laughter fill Pat’s journey as Kim and Aggie give her back her home.  

Episode 3.

They’re scrubbing up ready to get down and dirty helping out another family who’ve committed “Grimes against humanity”. Yes, Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie are armed with every cleaning product, and they’re dangerous!
This week they’re helping single mum Nooska Mullins who juggles nightshifts as a carer with teacher-training all at the expense of housework – much to the disgust of her clean-freak son Connor who will quickly become the apple of Kim and Aggie’s eye. This nine-year-old wants to have friends round to play and decides the only answer is to call in the terrible twosome. Will Connor soon be mucking around with his mates, or will the muck prove simply too much!

Episode 4.

Kim and Aggie are ladies who lather! They like nothing more than donning the rubber gloves and cleaning the UK’s yuckiest homes! 
This week they’re rescuing James Grieve’s from his London flat that is, well, simply toxic. This professional dog walker has forgone furniture to swamp his home with newspapers and festering rubbish. With dangerous levels of fungi and bacteria the situation is Dangerous with a capital D! Kim and Aggie have got to clean their hearts out to help James create a safe environment. But can they muster the muscle needed to transform not just his flat but his life!   

Episode 5.

Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie have more tongue lashing to do all in the name of cleaning. Our Gruesome-Twosome have a cultural culprit this week, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be poetic with their put-downs!
Jacqueline Jones is a painter and might well live for her art, but sadly her house suffers for it. Throw in a cat who displays her own poo-based creations all over the home and the sight and smell isn’t pretty. Can Kim and Aggie hold their breath long enough to perform a minor miracle and retrain both filth offenders – or have they bitten off more than they can chew? Let’s hope not!

Episode 6.

Kim and Aggie like nothing more then talking dirty … dirty homes that is. Give them a putrid porch and a chaotic kitchen and they’re happy. But when it comes to the “grime offenders” themselves, then stand well back because these ladies tell it like it is!
This week and a whole family come under the microscope. Donna and David Burton might well adore family life and with little Sian in the house, no one can blame them. In fact, they spend every possible minute with the toddler but their home is suffering badly. With baby number two just weeks away, Kim and Aggie have a tight deadline to teach these parents their cleaning ABCs. Come on girls, the clock is ticking.

Episode 7.

For hundreds of people “clean” has become a dirty word and only two women can make a difference: the UK’s unrivalled Queens of Clean Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie! And tonight they’re scrubbing up for a fight … no change there then!
Meryl Gaskin hasn’t been able to get into her lounge in two years and the reason is a familiar one. When her children left home, she filled her empty nest with junk, more junk and then to top it all … a load more junk! Imagine every car boot sale you’ve ever been to all dumped in one small house. Then there’s the biohazard kitchen, assorted dead life-forms and ivy growing through the windows. Kim and Aggie love a challenge, but is this empty nest going to send them Cuckoo?

Episode 8

Kim and Aggie’s are ready again to tackle more of the UK’s mucky pups and have got a fine pair of problem punters to deal with this week.
Glynis Horton and her teenage son Aaron escape the dirt and mayhem of their Peterborough flat by going on holiday, but there’s no where in the world they can travel to escape our Grime Busting Duo. Can Kim and Aggie interest this skater boy in housework and persuade mum that creating a super clean home will beat the best any five star hotel? Good luck girls!

Episode 9.

If you’re kitchen is sinking under piles of pots. If your bathroom is flooded with filth. Then look under the duvet because the Queens of Clean might just be there to give you a serious tongue lashing. Kim and Aggie have one mission in life … to clean, clean, clean!
And this week’s victim, errr, I mean customer is Carys Hughes who keeps an immaculate kitchen. So what’s the problem? Well, unfortunately it’s not her own!  Carys works by day cleaning pots and pans, but Aggie declares her own sink at home a health hazard, whilst Kim’s worried her two children are lost under the clutter. Cue the ladies and cue some more tough talking!

Episode 10

Kim and Aggie have a right pair to sort out this week. Our tough talking sisters of the scouring pads need all the help they can muster to make Horse Mad Margaret and James Holland pull on the reigns and stop messing around.
It comes to something when the horses raised by our animal loving mother and son enjoy better creature comforts than they do! Their cottage has become so cluttered it’s a dangerous obstacle course for James who’s blind. Kim and Aggie are chomping at the bit to teach them both to be house-proud not just horse-proud!  

Episode 11.

It’s a dirty world out there and two women have made it their mission to clean the streets. Yup, Kim and Aggie are dusting down their aprons ready for a mucky challenge and this week is no exception!
The Prew family love amateur dramatics so much they’ve turned their terraced house into a horror set and now they’re desperate to clean up their act. Dad Frank has battled alone against the chaos but now mum Carolyn wants a fresh life with a fresher home. Will Kim and Aggie get this wayward family to learn a different script?