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Structural home repairs often take a back seat to shiny new appliances, pretty paint colours and big ticket electronics. In each episode Kristi repairs and transforms these neglected homes and their oblivious owners.

By educating negligent homeowners to value “practical over pretty”, Kristi ensures that their home will take care of them for years to come. From plumbing problems that seep into a home’s foundation drip-by-drip to a no-ventilation bathroom that breeds a full-scale mold invasion, Kristi has seen it all. Using shock tactics and a tough love approach, Kristi has the right tools to teach homeowners – and viewers at home – how to maintain a lifetime relationship with their homes.

Episode 1 – All Hands off Deck (Candice & Guy)

Candice and Guy spent thousands of dollars and a year of their lives creating the Taj Mahal of kitchens.  Meanwhile their front deck is about to collapse and possibly take half their house with it.  It’s time for an intervention – Kristi Hansen style!

Episode 2 – House of Broken Drains (Leona)

Since taking over her beloved childhood home, Leona ignored the cries for help coming from her old leaky plumbing while putting what little money and time she has into finishing a few pretty rooms. It’s time for Kristi to step in and get Leona’s priorities in order.

Episode 3 – What’s Your Tinfoil? (Stephen and Christiane)

Party lovers Stephen and Christiane have been living with a leaky tub for years, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when Kristi comes to investigate their plumbing.  Who knows what lurks behind the layers of tinfoil covering the basement walls? This party may be over.

Episode 4 – Safe Haven (Lynda)

Lynda’s focus on making her home pretty for her 10 year-old twins means she’s missing what’s actually causing all the damage in the first place.  Once Kristi is on the scene and sees the major leaky issues in this century old house, she will do her best to get Lynda to face the facts.

Episode 5 – Water Woes (Marilynn & Chris)

After being widowed four years ago, Marilynn is trying to manage her large house all on her own. She’s putting her efforts into keeping the outdoor pool running while ignoring major water issues within her own walls.  Son Chris wants to help – if only Marilynn would accept it. Kristi steps in to help with the leaks and to get Marilynn to say yes to Chris.

Episode 6 – Safety Second (Randy & Drew)

Randy and Drew have been renovating the inside of their old character home while ignoring the dilapidated garage in the backyard.  Their five year-old son Jack loves to explore and get into everything, which means they need to act fast to avoid disaster before the rickety old building collapses.

Episode 7 – Getting Antsy (Lilian & Rod)

There’s potential disaster waiting at every corner of Lilian and Rod’s entire kitchen.  But what bugs Kristi the most are the carpenter ants gnawing away at the supporting wall of the kitchen that Lilian and Rod have been ignoring for seven years.

Episode 8 – Inaction Infraction (Joanne & Tom)

Joanne and Tom are frozen by their indecision and a mistrust of contractors – to the point where their home needs so many repairs they don’t even know where to start.  They need Kristi’s help with jumping into action or nothing will ever get done.

Episode 9 – Ground Control (Denise & Chris)

Chris and Denise are totally overwhelmed by the myriad of unfinished projects in their house.  Living in an unsafe construction zone of their own making is also keeping them from repairing the derelict back deck.  Kristi enters in an attempt to clear up the chaos and make their home safe for their two young children.

Episode 10 – Oh Rats! (Kristin & Jay)

Kristin and Jay have unwanted houseguests: rats have invaded their home.  They want to say goodbye to the furry critters but are dedicated to spending money on specialized education for their dyslexic son.  It’s time for Kristi and her team of experts to come to the rescue and get rid of the rats!

Episode 11 – Power Failure (Kim & David)

Kim and David’s house is in peril from above and below. The attic is full of dangerous knob and tube wiring and the laundry room in the basement floods every time it rains. Kristi comes to the rescue to give this house a top and bottom safety overhaul.

Episode 12 – Bella and the Beam (Ross & Jay)

Fine dining restaurateurs Ross and Jay live a secret life of chaos in their cluttered home full of unfinished repair projects.  Their secret to ignoring the chaos and a rotting living room support beam – taking off in their beloved RV “Bella”.  Kristi’s come to fix the guys’ house and put an end to their escapist attitude.

Episode 13 – If This Wall Could Talk (Selina & John)

Selina and John have been covering up the weeping wall in their family room and ignoring the silverfish infestation for years.  It’s time to stop the leaks and repair the damage before it gets any worse. Kristi’s stepping in to help them save their beautiful old-timer.