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In “Home to Keep” Peter helps families re-purpose a space in their home that doesn’t actually work with the way they live in it. They love their home and neighborhood that they live in and they don’t really want to move.  If only they could just fix this one room in their house.

 With his team of experts in tow Peter takes on a new challenge every week, working through the different space challenges at the end giving the lucky family a space that will truly make it a “Home to Keep”.

Episode 1

Meredith and Andre live in an odd shaped condo building right downtown.  They’ve never been able to figure out how to incorporate a proper dining area.

Episode 2

Kendall is a single mom who works from home, and has no home office. She is currently, believe it or not, camped under her son’s bed. It’s clearly unworkable, and she’s contemplating moving.

Episode 3

Terry and John live with their daughters in a classic Cape Cod style house.  It’s a lovely home, but they’ve never been able to make the master bedroom work.  With their daughters getting ready to go to college, they’re thinking now’s the time to sell.

Episode 4

Deb and Matt live with their two daughters, Davis and Daphne. Deb works from home but her home office is overstuffed and totally chaotic. With no place else to put it, she wondering whether they bought the wrong house.

Episode 5

Linton and Rob live with their two young daughters in an up and coming neighbourhood but their home is small and with two school-age kids they realize that they need something bigger.

Episode 6

Peggy and John love   their home, but sadly, they are considering putting it on the market.  They want to host great dinner parties, but they’ve got no place to do it.

Episode 7

Tara and Graham live with their two daughters in what they thought was their dream home.  After years of fixing things they’re exhausted, but the biggest problem still remains… two rather crazy bathrooms on the second floor.

Episode 8

Paula and Graham live with their young son in a beautiful neighbourhood.  The problem is they added an extension off the back of their home creating a great room that’s not so great.  In fact it’s so big that they can’t figure out how to use it.

Episode 9

Clark and Mary live in a charming historic community.  If you can believe it they’ve got eight kids between the two of them a few grandkids and more on the way.  They love big family get togethers but their kitchen and dining space is crammed and chaotic.

Episode 10

Karen and Todd and their two boys main family room is the basement where the boys play hockey and now need it as a homework space as well. Their solution is looking for a larger home but Peter is going to show them how to make it a Home to Keep.

Episode 11

Sharon is starting a new life,   following a recent divorce.  In many ways, her home represents her old life, and her old memories.  Although her children are resistant to the idea, Sharon hasn’t ruled

Episode 12

Denise and Adrian live with their sons in a great suburban home.  After 10 years, they are think it’s time to move on.  Some people move for all the wrong reasons. This time, it’s a simple issue of an inability to make a room functional.

Episode 13

Jemma and Matt live with their two young daughters in a cute bungalow that barely fits the family.  Surprise, a new baby is on the way, with three kids and no more bedrooms it’s time for a bigger place.  They are gearing up for a move.