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Big profits! Quick turnovers! Everyone’s getting into the act! Live the dream of working for yourself, making all the big decisions and in the end raking in the cash. How hard can it be to successfully flip a house? Peter Fallico host of HGTV’s Home to Go and Home to Stay is putting his money where his mouth is with his new show Home to Flip. Home to Flip is a new, half-hour, 13-episode real estate-meets-design reality series that gives viewers the inside scoop on how to find, buy, renovate and flip a house for profit.

Episode 1 – Buying The House

When Peter set out to buy his home to flip he had a very detailed wish list and dreamed of finding that diamond in the rough. Days of searching for the perfect house turned in weeks, which turned into months. Between bidding wars and houses that needed too much work Peter was growing discouraged until he found what just might be the perfect home but it would all be contingent on the home inspection.

Episode 2 – Curb Appeal

Peter knows that Curb Appeal is everything in today’s competitive real estate market and that a buyer’s first impression is the only impression. And with this house a new paint job just won’t cut it, he needs to replace all of the windows, landscape the yard and rebuild the stairs and porch. Unfortunately winter is quickly approaching and for Peter both time and money are running out.

Episode 3 – Master Bedroom / Ensuite

In order to get top dollar for his home Peters knows that buyers will expect the master bedroom to have an ensuite bathroom.  To accomplish this he must convert his four bedroom home into three bedrooms and build a bathroom. As demotion and constructions costs mount Peter struggles to achieve a luxurious master suite, while adhering to his dwindling budget.

Episode 4 – Basement: Main Space

Since Peter’s house is only two stories he must convert his unusable basement into living space. This seemed like the perfect plan until he discovered that the basement was leaking and that the entire floor and plumbing had to be dug up and replaced. Add to that the discovery of asbestos and termites and Peter’s budget was shot.  He is now faced with the challenge of creating a warming and inviting space on a very limited budget.

Episode 5 – Backyard

Outdoor living space is an important features for today’s’ buyer and for Peter this area is all about relaxation and therefore it must be low maintenance, inviting and very chic. Unfortunately his backyard is an overgrown vegetable garden that needs to be completely over-hauled. In order to accomplish this monumental task Peter must battle the elements as winter is only a few weeks away.

Episode 6 – Office / Bathroom

The main bathroom and office are two rooms that create tough challenges for Peter.  Both spaces are extremely small and yet they still need to be functional and beautiful. With no room for expansion Peter struggles to create a bathroom layout that will appeal to market savvy buyers and design a multi-functional office space that is both practical and inviting.

Episode 7 – Garage

The fact that this house came with a two car garage was a real selling feature for Peter. Unfortunately the garage looks like a concrete bunker and needs to be completely made-over.  Besides parking Peter wants to create a workspace and storage space in the garage.  He has some lofty and expensive ideas for this space but would the money be better spent fixing up rooms in his house?

Episode 8 – Mudroom

Peter‘s mudroom is both an entrance point and the only route to the basement. Unfortunately it’s not even considered an indoor space and it must be completely insulated before Peter can contemplate decorating. But as soon as they examine the mudroom a little more closely Peter discovers that the entire foundation is leaking and must be repaired. What little money Peter had set aside for design is now being eaten up by solving the water problems.

Episode 9 – Basement:  Bathroom / Laundry

The laundry room and basement bathroom might be two rooms that are often negated but Peter wanted to create spectacular spaces that are both functional and beautiful.  Unfortunately along with the laundry room he also had to fix up the utility room and that meant replacing the furnace, adding air-conditioning and replacing all of the duct work. That meant Peter was left with little money to design his dream laundry room and spare bathroom, both of which need to spectacular if he wants to get top dollar for this house.

Episode 10 – Second Bedroom / Hallway

The second bedroom is first thing that buyers see when they walk up the stairs and Peter wanted it to be a real show-stopper. Unfortunately the small closet and awkward layout was not going appeal to today’s demanding buyers.  After building a new closet and renovating the wall Peter had gone through most of the money he had set aside for this room. With a few cans of paint and some interesting fabric Peter has to create a fun and fabulous bedroom on a very limited budget.

Episode 11 – Living Room / Foyer

The foyer and living room are the first things that buyers will see when they entire the house and Peter wants to instantly wow everyone. Unfortunately both rooms lack any real architectural detail and Peter is instead faced with outdated ceramic tiles and a hideous brick fireplace. He needs to find a way infuse these rooms with charm and elegance without breaking his limited budget.

Episode 12 – Kitchen / Dinning

Peter knows that for today’s savvy buyers it’s all about the kitchens. His kitchen hasn’t been updated in years and it needs to be completely gutted. Wanting to create an open-concept feel Peter takes down the wall separating the kitchen and dining room only to find knob and tube wiring. As his budget quickly gets eaten up Peter must find a way to design a top-notch kitchen that will attract high-end buyers.

Episode 13 – Selling The House

After eight long months of construction, design meetings and sleepless nights Peter is ready to put his home on the market. His renovations have gone $25,000. over budget which means he has to raise his asking price. Peter’s home is now the best house in the area and he’s concerned that this up and coming neighbourhood might not be able to draw the top dollar that he needs to turn a profit or break even.