Home Office Cupboard

In this week’s episode of GID, we transform an old wardrobe into a home office! Ideal for a space saving solution!

You will need



Cordless Jigsaw Pine 20mm (PAR)
POF Router Sides 400mm x 980mm – 2 pieces
18 Volt Cordless drill driver shelves 400 mm x 460 mm – 5 pieces
PSR1080 cordless screwdriver drawer runners to fit a 400mm drawer x 1 pair (left and right).
Pex sander Plastic shelf brackets small 4 hole white – 30 pieces
PFS 2000 spray gun Paint for inside 1ltr
PCM compound mitre Paint for outside 1ltr – only if needed
Ixo screwdriver 3 x 16mm screws
4 x 40 mm screws
wood filler – pine

Follow these steps:

  1. Mark off on sides where all shelves will fit
  2. Assemble top and bottom shelves
  3. Cut drawer shelf to size (based on drawer runner thickness)
  4. Router all edges
  5. Sand and paint
  6. Install drawer runners and shelf
  7. Existing shelves must be fastened at desired height
  8. Remove existing doors and hard ware
  9. Sand and paint inside of cupboard and doors (Nb get masking tape to tape closed any areas we are not painting.
  10. Clean hinges and hardware
  11. Replace doors
  12. Insert office station

Download the PDF

>>PDF Download – Office station build plan