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A country style garden has a whimsical and soft feel to it. The key is to select plants that will flower at different times of the year, bringing a constant flow of interest to your garden.

Part 1 – Tanya

Country style garden
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  • Jasminum polyanthum (Pink jasmine / White jasmine)
  • Salvia leacantha
  • Kurume azalea
  • Miscanthus
  • Senecio “Dusty Miller”
  • Daisies
  • Scabiosa
  • Status
  • Osteospermum
  • Erigeron ‘Mexican Daisy’
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Part 2 – Workshop (Ryan)

Coat Rack

Having a place to hang your hat or scarf, is a stylish way to keep your entrance hall organized! A coat rack is easy to build and effective in its presence.

You will need:

Materials Tools
Wood shelf: Solid wood – 50 x 200mm
Mitre saw
Wood: 20 x 400mm Drill
Wood glue Paint brush and tray
Wood screws: 35 x 40mm
Paint: Aged white / Stain
Coat hooks
Dowel pins


  1. Determine the location and size of your application, taking into consideration the height and proportion of the area where it will be installed.
  2. Cut the shelf to the desired length using a mitre saw for thicker pieces or a jig saw for thinner pieces.
  3. For the backboard, use a jig saw to cut a design out to accentuate the country-chic feel.
  4. To provide support, use 2x rectangular pieces of wood that will hold the shelf upright at 90° to the backboard. Use a jig saw to cut a similar design to create a triangular support.
  5. Secure the rectangular supports using dowel pins and wood glue and screws.
  6. Sand the project using 80 grit sandpaper followed by a smoother 180 grit sandpaper.
  7. You may opt to stain the shelf or paint the entire project in a desired colour e.g. aged white or French blue.
  8. Optional: you may decide to add character to your piece by distressing the edges lightly with sandpaper to expose the natural wood through the painted surface.
  9. Apply suitable coat hooks – 3-5 is adequate.
  10. Mount to a sturdy wall using wall plugs and screws to support the weight of the coat hooks.
  11. Decorate as needed to your specific taste and style.
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Part 3 – Décor (Elle)

Cottage Cabinet

An old bookcase and some frames can really transform into something unique… This project is a sure conversation starter!

Materials Tools
Small bookshelf Paint brushes
Wood Screws Power Drill
4 x hinges
6 x Picture frames
2 x Pine slats
14 x flat metal L-shape brackets
Half round wood trim
Clear adhesive
Cupboard handle
Magnetic door clip
White chalk paint
Dark wax


  1. Measure the size of the bookshelf to determine the orientation of the picture frames and the length and width of your custom made picture frame “window” style cabinet door.
  2. Lay the picture frames face down with the back of the frame facing up and make sure you are happy with the layout and that it matches or fits the size of your desired cabinet door to fit the book shelf. If width or length is needed you can always add wood to the sides of the picture frames. To add extra length needed for this project a pine wood bar was cut to width and added on the top and bottom only.
  3. Use the clear adhesive and glue the picture frames together, this is optional as the frames can be secured together only with the flat “L” shape metal brackets and screws. Lay out the brackets across the corners and in the centre and secure the wood to the frame, and the frames to each other. by securing the brackets using wood screws.
  4. Now that all the picture frames are secured together and to the two pieces of wood (top and bottom), turn the frame unit over carefully so that the fronts of the frames are facing upwards. Take a measuring tape and measure the sides and middle of frames to add half moon wood trimmings to the frames to give it more of a “window” look.
  5. Cut the half moon trimmings to size using a jigsaw. Use the clear adhesive to glue the half moon wood trimmings in place.
  6. Paint the small book shelf and your custom made picture frame window cabinet door in a coat of white chalk paint, allow to fully dry. Adding another coat of white chalk paint is optional.
  7. Using a dry paint brush dab it in the dark wax tin and then gently brush the sides and surface of the custom picture frame window and book shelf on top of the white chalk coat. This will give the cabinet unit a more distressed look for an old country feel.
  8. Using the power drill and screws secure the custom picture frame window door to the book case using the hinges. Add the cabinet magnet clip to the side to keep the cabinet door closed when not in use. Also attach a door handle if desired.

Décor Tips

Country Chic table setting

Art Director, stylist and co-owner of Ethereal Bound Journal, Matanna Katz created a country inspired table setting, showing how you can forage from your garden to create something unique.

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