This week Peter and Annalien are in the bedroom and they show how to make you’re your own headboard and a ladies’ shoe rack, Annalien also shows you a green way to clean your carpets. Get up to date on the best tools to use and how to use them by watching Get It Done!

You will need:

Tools Materials
POF 1400 Router plus round over bit Pine (PAR) 20mm thick (or nearest)
PST 18 Jigsaw legs 1260 mm x 60 mm – 4 pieces
PCM Compound Mitre Saw legs 1260 mm x 40 mm – 4 pieces
PSR 10.8 Cordless drill Driver headboard top 1460 x 80mm – 1 piece 
PSR 18 Cordless Drill Driver Headboard inside top and bottom rack 1280 mm x 60mm – 3 pieces
PEX 220 Eccentric/Random Orbital sander Dowel sticks 20mm x 600 mm – 14 pieces
Primo sander foot piece – 80 x 80mm – 2 pieces
PBD 40 Drill Press with 20mm flat bit 4 x 40 screws
PFS 300 spray gun wood glue
PMF multi tool plus sanding attachment (check paper) Water based Varnish (Mathew to advise colour)

Follow these steps:

  • Making the Legs
    • Cut four pieces of wood the same size these will make up the legs when joined together
    • Join the three sides together first (leave one side open for access to screws)
  • The cross slats
    • Drill holes evenly spaced in the 2 cross slats with a spade bit the same size as the dowel sticks  
    • Attach cross slat support underneath by fixing screws through the holes drilled by the spade bit
    • Join the 2 cross slats by inserting the dowel sticks into the holes just drilled 
  • Assemble cross slats to legs
  • Assemble fourth side to legs
  • Cut feet squares
  • Attach feet bottom of legs
  • Attach top mantle piece
  • Sand and varnish  

Get the layout plan:

Head Board layout

Take a closer look: