Headboard Bench

Headboard styles come and go, but luckily for DIY’ers out there, it simply means the next exciting project is around the corner. Using an old wooden headboard is a great way to build a unique bench. Adjust your dimensions according to the size of the headboard you are working with…


PCM compound mitre saw 20mm Pine PAR (NB not warped)
PSR 18 Cordless drill Seat 940 mm x 420 mm – 1 piece
PEX 300 Eccentric sander Front panel 820mm x 430mm – 1 piece
POF router Side panels 280 mm x 430mm – 2 pieces (Grain in short direction)
PFS2000 spray gun Seat and front panel support slats 820mm x 60mm – 3 pieces
PST 18 Jigsaw 20mm cleats x 500mm – 6 pieces
Legs 60mm x 60mm x  430mm – 2 pieces
wood filler – pine/white
  4 x 40mm screws
4 x 30mm screws
wood glue
all purpose primer water based 1 ltr
Blue paint (sea blue) water based 1 ltr to make it look nautical
White paint  PVA



  • Strip any metal etc off the headboard
  • Cut out shape to match headboard in side and front panels
  • Mark off and attach cleats to head board and front legs
  • Attach support slats to seat and front panel
  • Attach sides to legs
  • Attach front to sides
  • Fit seat
  • Sand
  • Paint with primer
  • Paint entire project in colour of choice

Design layout plan download

>>Re-purpose Head Board PDF