Hanging Book Shelves

If you’re looking for a different way to build some modern bookshelves, Peter and Annalien have a few ideas for you to inspire you to make your own in a few easy steps. Some colourful hanging shelves and a simple rope shelf.     


You will need:

Tools Materials
PCM 10 S compound mitre saw Supa wood 16mm
PST 18 Jigsaw – plus extra clean for wood blades shelf 1 sides 200mm x 500mm – 2 pieces
PSR 1080 cordless drill driver Shelf 1 top/bottom 200mm x 268mm – 2 pieces
Pex sander Shelf 2 sides 250 mm x 600mm – 2 pieces
PFS 300 spray gun Shelf 2 top/bottom 250 mm x 368 mm – 2 pieces
PSR 18 Li cordless drill Shelf 3 sides 200 mm x 400mm – 2 pieces
  Shelf 3 top/bottom 200 mm x 168mm – 2 pieces
  Pine PAR +/- 30 mm Thick 
  Cross shelf 150 mm x 900 mm – 2 pieces (NB not warped)
  20 x 20mm cleast (we have already)
  3.5  x 40mm cut screws
  All purpose undercoat (water based) please check yours is still ok
  clear varnish (water based)
  plastic corner brackets small type (light brown) if there is no light brown get white – 20 pieces 
  Paint (water based) 3 x  1ltr different colours 
  Pine PAR 20mm Thick 
  150mm x 600mm – 3 pieces
  Sisal type Rope 10-15mm thick  4 x 1500 pieces (total 6 mtr length minimum)

Follow these steps

Here we make three rectangular (different sizes) frames and join them with wooden shelves

Frames (mdf/supa wood)

  • Mark off where sides join the top and bottom
  • Drill pilot holes
  • Mark off and cut where pine shelves will intersect frames
  • Assemble frames
  • Sand and paint


  • Mark off where frames intersect and cut out groove
  • Sand and varnish

Attach shelves to frames

Hanging book shelves

  • Drill holes for rope to pass through
  • Sand and paint shelves (Annalien maybe you want to do a paint technique)
  • Pass rope through the holes and knot as you go along. (we might look at another option for keeping it in place, just not sure yet)

Get the layout

Book shelves layout