Great Irish Interiors S1

Moondance Productions has been granted exclusive access to follow a number of historical interior restorations around the country, through the eyes of those spearheading the projects. There is great public interest and curiosity in what once lay behind the doors, and within the walls, of the coveted ‘big house’. With these projects, the team is aiming to give people, young and old, the chance to physically witness the history of the Irish countryside.

We follow the teams as they endeavour to return the interiors of these buildings to the condition and style they were in at the height of their glory. With the experts often just working from archives, and very little photographic evidence, they have to be creative, but accurate Great Irish Interiors hits the road with them, seeking out the furniture, ornaments and priceless artwork that once belonged to these houses. They’ll also travel nationwide to the conservators and experts in their employ to check in on the works being completed. 

Great Irish Interiors is unique as it focuses firmly on the interiors. It is all about the chase to source the right artwork, paint and wallpaper and furniture, and reclaiming the special treasures that tell the incredible stories of these Great Irish Interiors.