Get it Done – Season 13

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Welcome back to a brand new season of Get It Done where we feature new and exciting projects and give you step-by-step instructions to inspire you to build your own. From portable work benches to kiddies motorbikes, we’ll show you the right tools to use and how to use them. Plus we’ll show you some handy household tips to make your life a little easier around your home. We Get It Done, only on the Home Channel.

Episode 1 – Child Rocker

Instead of building a normal rocking chair, Peter and Annalien build a stylish rocker the right size for kids. Annalien shows you how to remove crayon marks from walls and Peter builds an oversized safety pin to be used as a towel rack. So be inspired to build your own rocker and watch step-by-step to see how they Get it Done!

Episode 2 – Trestle Desk

Having a home office with minimal space available can be tricky so Peter and Annalien build a trestle desk which is portable and takes up only a small space. To inspire you a little more Annalien builds a document tray for the desk and some cute bookmarks.

Episode 3 – Sun Chair & Spice tray

This week, getting ready for summer is the theme. Peter and Annalien show you how to make a sun chair in a few easy steps. To spice things up a bit, Peter makes a spice tray, perfect for any braai master and Annalien shows you how to make your own firelighters. Be inspired to do your own DIY this summer with Get It Done!

Episode 4 – Headboard

This week Peter and Annalien are in the bedroom and they show how to make you’re your own headboard and a ladies’ shoe rack, Annalien also shows you a green way to clean your carpets. Get up to date on the best tools to use and how to use them by watching Get It Done!

Episode 5 – Kiddies Storage Box and Chair

Kids love to keep lots of little toys but sometimes these seem to get lost in all the clutter, so Peter and Annalien make a storage box to store smaller toys. To go with that Peter also builds a little chair and Annalien gets creative with some holders made out of tennis balls.

Episode 6 – Side Table

Annalien and Peter build a side table with a difference, they add a printers tray to it with a glass covering. Annalien decorates a plant pot and Peter makes a hanging outdoor vase.

Episode 7 – Bar Chair and Bench

This week Peter and Annalien show you how to build a stylish bar chair as well as a bench. Peter makes a handy bottle opener out of a piece of wood and a nail, plus Annalien makes some decorative party coasters.

Episode 8 – Teacup Clock and Cupcake Display

Peter and Annalien show you how to make a fun Tea Cup Clock that is literally made out of tea cups. Staying with the “tea theme” they also make a cupcake tray, plus Annalien has a few creative ideas on how to display food in a hurry.

Episode 9 – Outdoor Table and Dice Storage Box

This week Peter and Annalien build a storage box that acts as a seat and looks like a dice. They also build a table that is held up by pot plants. Peter makes a vase out of an old light bulb as well as some wind chimes from copper pipes. Be inspired to make your own!

Episode 10 – Lamp and Load Shedding Candle Holder

Peter and Annalien make 2 projects related to load shedding. A lamp for when the lights are on and a candle holder for when the lights are off. Plus they give you a host of little tips to assist you with load shedding.

Episode 11 – Coffee Table

This week Peter and Annalien build a round coffee table with a nautical theme. Peter also gives you various tips on routers and Annalien makes a coffee cup holder so be inspired to build one for yourself.

Episode 12 – Bedside Table

Peter and Annalien decide to match a bedside cupboard that is rather old, see how Peter overcomes certain challenges attached to this. Peter also builds a picture frame without having to cut 4 pieces of wood at 45 degrees. See how he does it! Annalien makes a door stop in the shape of a bird. Be inspired by Get it Done!

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Episode 13 – Bar Cabinet

This week Peter and Annalien are in entertainment mode so they decide to build a hanging Bar Cabinet out of a laminated Meranti wood. See how they build it step by step so that you may be inspired to build your very own!

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