Get it done – Pine Lapa Table


Shopping List

  • Table top of 30mm thick cut to 800mm x 2100mm Pine 20mm thick cut to sizes of:
  • – 4 pieces of 600mm x 700mm
  • – 4 pieces of 100mm x 700mm
  • – 2 pieces of 180mm x 640mm
  • – 1 piece of 300mm x 2100mm
  • 6 cleats of 20mm x 20mm x 600mm
  • 4 x 40mm chipboard screws
  • Water resistant wood glue
  • 5l Gripseal (Indonesian/Dark mahogany)

Tool List

  • PKS circular saw
  • PSR 14.4 cordless drill
  • PSR 10.8 cordless screw driver
  • POF 1200 AE router
  • PEX 220 random orbital sander
  • PFS65 spray gun


Making the legs.

  1. Draw out on the front and back panels where the sides must go.
  2. Drill pilot holes
  3. Glue and screw sides onto the front and back panel.
  4. Draw out where leg fits onto base, and drill pilot holes.
  5. Attach legs to base
  6. Fill holes with filler and when dry sand smooth.

Making the top

  1. Have table cut to size
  2. Round off edges with a router
  3. Turn table top upside down and attach blocks where legs must fit
  4. Attach cleats where cross beam will go.
  5. Attach legs with glue and screws to the block.
  6. Put cleats in the middle of the inside side panels of the legs.
  7. Attach middle cross beam to cleats with glue and screws.
  8. Sand the whole table and Varnish.