Gelli Printing

This week on Show Me How, we get introduced to a fun new craft idea. Linita Kappetijn of Scrapbook Direct shows us the exciting things we can do with gelli printing, from making our own funky to – do list to creating a unique colourful canvas.

Floral art using Gelli Printing
By Linita Kappetijn
Scrapbook Direct
012 660 1270/061 418 4777

  • Gelli plate
  • Acrylic Paint – Yellow, White, Blue, Green, Pink & Lilac
  • Oil pastels
  • Hard Rubber Roller
  • Picture frame & Texture Stencil
  • 15x60g white A4 paper
  1. Place the yellow paint onto a clean Gelli Plate and spread randomly. Place a piece of paper over the plate to transfer the paint onto the paper. Repeat this process with all 5 colours, so you have 3 sheets in each colour.
  2. Once the pages are dry, tear them into pieces that are roughly the size of the palm of your hand. Scrunch the pieces of paper to create creases.
  3. Stick the pieces of paper randomly onto an A3 sheet of cardstock, using all the colours. You want to create a collage effect.
  4. Once the glue is dry, find 5 larger pieces of paper and draw a basic flower shape around them, as well as the stems.
  5. Using oil pastel crayons, shade and highlight the flowers and stems to create definition and emphasize the shapes.
  6. Take a texture stencil and randomly paint some of the background area to create texture and interest.
  7. Once your painting is dry, frame it and hang it!
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Gelli Printed to do list

  • Gelli plate
  • Acrylic Paint – Yellow, brown, White & Duck egg Blue
  • Hard Rubber Roller, Ruler, White board Marker, Black Markers & Sticky Tape
  • A4 acetate sheet, A4 White Cardstock & a sheet of Newspaper
  • Heart shaped rubber stamp & dark ink pad
  • Picture frame, Texture Stencil & Wet wipes
  1. Pour a little of the yellow acrylic paint onto the Gelli Plate and spread it in a random fashion, using the hard rubber roller.
  2. Place the white card stock sheet onto the Gelli Plate to transfer the paint onto the paper. Lift the paper and set aside.
  3. Pour a little of the blue acrylic paint onto the outer edges of the Gelli Plate and spread as before. Transfer this onto the card stock. The blue will be visible over the yellow paint. Lift the paper and set aside.
  4. Now take a small amount of brown paint and apply 2 thin strips onto the top and bottom of the Gelli Plate, over the yellow & blue. Spread thinly as before and transfer onto the card stock.
  5. Take the heart shaped rubber stamp and ink it with dark brown ink stamp it onto the top part of the card stock. Stamp all the way across the top of the page.
  6. Take the black marker and draw multiple hearts around the original heart, to create slightly off-set hearts.
  7. Make your own washi tape by taking newspaper and painting a transparent layer of paint or ink over it. Then take a length of sticky tape and place it over the newsprint. Lift it gently so that the print sticks to the tape. Make three lengths and arrange them neatly onto your printed cardstock, to create a border on the top & bottom. Place the third strip just below the hearts
  8. Print a to-do list onto the clear acetate sheet.
  9. Now frame your work with the painted sheet, then the clear acetate and the glass on top. Your to-do list is now complete, use white board markers to make notes on the glass.
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