Petal Pushers

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What happens when floral architect Karina Lemke and her eclectic team of designers are faced with a bevy of important and unique projects?

Petal Pushers is a half-hour, thirteen episode series that explores the inner workings at one of North America’s premiere floral establishments.

In each episode owner/lead designer Karina Lemke of Posies Flower Shop, leads her team of eclectic designers through various projects from the everyday bouquet to novelty designs such as a large peace sign and a fire hydrant for a dog’s birthday party.

Along with Karina; Soleil, Monique, Cathy, Amber, Chris and Jay make up the Petal Pushers team. An eccentric group of characters who may not always see eye-to-eye on everything, but whose work is unquestionably tops in their field.

Soleil, Cathy and Amber are all well respected designers and Monique is a visual merchandiser/installer who has “the eye” to pull together a room.

Chris and Jay are students learning the flower business under the watchful eye of the team. They are a devoted and artistic bunch that put their heart and soul into whatever they create.

In the midst of all the daily ups and downs of the successful shop, the team leads viewers through the development and creation of their arrangements/designs. Lots of tips and industry tricks are revealed and many creative ideas are generated, all in the hopes of making their clients happy.

Looking ahead to the inaugural season of Petal Pushers; a former U.S president goes green, a very particular client faces off with Karina and the team come together to face one of the worst days in a florist’s life – Valentine’s Day.

The complex, energetic and sometimes intense- sometimes humourous situations this team face always result in high quality, beautiful floral displays that leave their clients, and the viewers, in awe.