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Prepare to be inspired by the refreshing new series of Dry Spell Gardening. Landscape architect Brendan Moar brings incredible water-conscious garden designs to life, transforming thirsty old-fashioned backyards into lush, sustainable pieces of paradise.

Follow Brendan as he designs and creates gardens for a new era and shows you how to have a fabulous usable garden whatever the weather. Sustainable doesn’t have to mean boring and to prove it Brendan’s gardens in this new series are bigger, bolder and more breathtaking.

Episode 1 (Springrange NSW)

Phil and Zvoni typify city folk with a design dream and a longing to get back to basics in a rural setting. Five years ago they left suburbia housing estates behind and settled on a stunning block in picturesque Springrange, just outside of Canberra. The hilltop site was perfect for their dream of a modernist home with glass walls that invites the outside in. But after agreeing on a stunning architectural design, undergoing a two year build and several design and building awards later – they’ve realised that their dream home is a perfect place to look at the landscape, but the exposed and windy site is no place to experience it physically.

Episode 2 (Darlinghurst NSW)

Englishman Ewan and his Australian wife Deb, met and married four years ago and left London for a healthy life in the great Aussie outdoors. The inner city buzz appealed to them and they fell in love with a terrace within walking distance of the CBD. The home fulfilled their brief – but the tiny, dark garden has not been able to lure them out of the house. A decision to try to have children this year, made the couple rethink their lifestyle, their green credibility and the way that they interact with their own outdoor space.

Episode 3 (GreenVale, Victoria)

Liz and Chris don’t know what to do with their large yard now that their kids aren’t using it for soccer. Paul has a solution. You build a deck with a huge lounge area for mom and dad, of course.

Episode 4 (Coberg, Victoria)

If you were to paint a picture of hipdom in inner city Melbourne, thirty-something Naz and Peter are perfect specimens. Industrial designer Peter and interior stylist Naz, made their way to the southern state after meeting in Perth. They’ve settled 10 minutes from town and a world away in terms of property prices. Since buying into the area two years ago, the pair has transformed their weatherboard bungalow into a paradise of mid-century collectables with a rich warm colour palette.“We did our renovations quite sympathetically and used vintage fixtures and almost everything was second hand, restored or bought on eBay! We love the inside and have “designer’s block” and want to have a back yard which will match the mid-century belly of our home.”

Episode 5 (Ingleside, NSW)

Sylvia and Pete were lucky enough to have found paradise in a five acre site on the edge of a national park, minutes to the beach and half an hour from the CBD. But 18 years and three teenage kids later, their boundless creativity hasn’t been enough to conquer the beast. Their garden is a rambling acreage of unfinished projects and areas that they’ll get to one day.

Episode 6 (Lilyfield, NSW)

If Belinda and Leo’s long urban garden had a pebble-crete clad, lagoon shaped pool it would be the epitome of 80’s garden chic. Flanked by more than 40 overgrown palm trees planted by previous owners, its design aesthetic is more Gilligan’s Island than urban oasis. The overgrown palms have led to a garden where all of the action is sky high and the ground plane is a boggy mess of grass that won’t grow.