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Domestic Blitz (Season 3) brings some well-earned joy to the lives of true Australian heroes by rebuilding the homes. Each week, Shelley Craft and Scott Cam knock on the door of the residence of a brave Aussie hero, and they take on the massive task of renovating an entire home — from the inside, out — in just 48 hours.

Episode 1 – “Loren’s Surprise Wedding”

21 year old Loren Kendall has spent two years being treated for ovarian cancer. With her future uncertain, Loren’s one wish was to get married to her childhood sweetheart, so Domestic Blitz renovates their house and garden and organises the first ever Blitz Wedding.

Episode 2 – “Bree’s Special Day”

Last year, Joe Zammit lost his wife to cancer, leaving him with four young children to care for. He quit his job so he could stay at home, taking on the roles of father and mother. Domestic Blitz renovates Joe’s house and gives 14 year old Bree a much needed room of her own.

Episode 3 – “Kim’s Magical Moment”

Childhood sweethearts Brendon and Kimberley’s world was shattered when Kim was diagnosed with cancer. Their renovation plans had to be put on hold so the Blitz team moved in to finish the job.

Episode 4 – “Meghan’s Promise”

The Blitz team works its magic for five orphans who have been cared for by their 20-year-old sister since the death of their mother a year ago.

Episode 5 – “The Miracle Mum”

The Blitz team surprises Korrinne and Carl, parents to not two Autistic boys. Not only does Korrinne devote her life to her sons, she also finds time to work as a volunteer helping other parents cope with Autistic kids.

Episode 6 – “Celebrating Sharman”

Sharman is a single mother of two teenage daughters. After 30 years of working as a Critical Care Nurse, she is now devoted to caring for her daughter Lauren, who is being treated for bone cancer.