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Design-a-Garden is back on The Home Channel to inspire you to design fabulous and unique garden. In this series of Design-a- Garden, presenter Melanie Walker follows a group of final year landscaping students who are tasked with creating themed small gardens that showcase some of the worlds renowned landscape design icons for the opening of Lifestyle Show gardens 2014.

Episode 1 “Axis Mundi”

Landscaping students draw inspiration from the world acclaimed Landscape design icon, Diarmuid Gavin to create a contemporary garden for the 2014 Garden Design Show

Episode 2“ Once upon a stroll;

Today is all about the style and design ethos of one of England’s greatest gardeners, Lancelot Capability Brown as the Final year Landscaping students create a garden for the 2014 Garden Design show

Episode 3“ Life in Color: A garden kaleidoscope”

Students are creating a cottage garden that encapsulates the sympathetic relationship between the house and surroundings as believed by today’s garden designer icon Gertrude Jekyll

Episode 4 “Pelo amora Ague coco”

The avant-garde Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx drew his inspiration plants, esplanades in his native country to create exotic tropical paradise garden. He is the garden design icon for today’s group students as they aim to create a fitting garden for 2014 Show Gardens

Episode 5 “Purity”

We journey Asia, to the land of the rising sun for a garden of purity and serenity as the Landscape Students look up Japanese Landscape designer, Kitayama Yasou for inspiration to bring the 2014 Show garden to fruition

Episode 6 “Deconstructing the eye of Martha Schwartz”

When art meets garden design, one name comes to mind – Martha Schwartz. Her eclectic signature style takes garden design to a unique level. A group of landscape students looks to her work for inspiration in creating a contemporary garden for 2014 Show gardens

Episode 7 “Who Framed Luis”

Sometimes less is more as testimony by Luis Barragan, the Mexican architect, garden designer whose use of a limited plant palette, colour, geometric lines and light, produced comfortable areas with minimum use of materials and energy. Today’s show garden seeks to showcases some of that ideology.

Episode 8 “Moargraphy”

Brendan Moar is well known for his Dry Spell gardening principles when it comes to water wise gardens, designing gardens that take into account the surrounding environment by using repurposed an upcycled items in innovative ways. Today’s groups of Landscaping students look to create a show garden that encapsulates some of these principles.

Episode 9 “Islamic Garden”

With strong religious and spiritual significance – an Islamic garden is truly a place of reflection, rest and a reminder of paradise. Professional Landscape designers Mark Blackburn and Zane Terblance design their own version of an Islamic garden.

Episode 10“Country Classic”

The splendor, charm and absolute beauty are some of the qualities that make country gardens firm favorites amongst garden lovers all over the world. Lifestyle Landscaping gardening lecturers create such a garden for this year’s show gardens