Ask Tanya – When to use Kraal Manure

Dear Tania.

 My beautiful green mint just died overnight. My soil needs help. It is very stony. When do I use kraal manure? How do I use worm compost? My strawberries don’t grow well.

I suppose what I’m asking is, how do I improve my soil. Thank you sincerely Poppy


Dear Poppy:

Here are some answers

Soil – Always add compost with bonemeal or superphosphate, this improves the soil. Try adding rotting leaf mould as well into the soil as this improves it.

Only use organic fertilisers. To improve the soil you must mulch.

Mint – Mint needs sun and loads of water. If it does not have sun it will rot.

Worm compost – Do you have a worm farm, if so the worm tea needs to be diluted 1 part worm tea to 10 parts water. Vermicompost can be added to containers at a rate of 1 teaspoon per 20cm pot.

Hope this helps, happy gardening,