Ask Tanya – Block Lawn or Grass Seed?


Hi Tanya

I desperately want to grow lawn on a shaded area for this summer. I saw some law-seeds being sold at Builder’s Warehouse and wasn’t sure about the result. What would you suggest I do? Buy the lawn blocks or try out those seeds?




Hi Terry

This is a difficult question to answer as it all depends on how much effort you are prepared to put into the lawn.

Minimal effort – instant lawn. Remember to prepare the soil well – dig in compost and bone meal. Lay the lawn and water well every second day depending on if it rains.

Seed – Prepare soil well, rake away all stones and clumps of soil. Follow directions on the packets. Seed will germinate in 5 days, keep well watered and only mow after about 5 weeks, this allows the seeds time to establish.

Good luck,