Gardening Tips – Episode 6

Tanya talks perennials as she visits a colourful garden in KwaZulu-Natal that showcases the splendour and beauty of these plants as well as the qualities they possess that make them a firm favourite with gardeners, she then chats to Jenny Howells from Blackwood nursery about the propagation of perennials. Ofcourse- what to do in this garden this week.

This week’s tips:

  1. Plant a portable herb garden this week. You can use any container you desire just make sure that it has drainage holes if not doesn’t have any – then simple drill the holes.
  2. Also if you are using a wooden container, you need to line it with some plastic first before putting in your soil/ compost.
  3. You can interplant your herbs with strawberries, petunias, verbena as well as some perennial lettuce

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