Gardening Tips – Episode 5

This episode is all about grasses; how they can be used to give a garden a desired certain look and as well as some of the new varieties available. Tanya travels to Bristlecone nursery to meet with owner and grower Leon Scholtz who show her two ways to grow grasses and make more for the garden. Plus practical garden tips for this week

This week’s tips:

  1. Its time to cover all frost sensitive plants to protect them from the cold. Frost covers are available at most garden centres.
  2. Use this time to lift the canopy of your big trees by removing overgrow branches. This will just help to keep your garden neat and allow you to enjoy the true beauty of the tree. All you need is a pair of loppers and secateurs.
  3. Why not start a veggie garden by planting climbing beans. They are really simple to sow and very rewarding. Just make sure that they have something to climb on.

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