Gardening Tips – Episode 4

Tanya visits the Oranjezicht City Farm project to see how a group of individuals have brought the community together to grow veggies and herbs and transformed a once neglected part of the city into edible greens. She also takes a short trip to Shadowlands wholesale nursery to see how veggies and herbs are propagated.  Tanya then shares three activities to do in the garden this week.

This week’s tips

  1. 1. Fix patches in the lawn

    If you have patches in your lawn, use this time to fix them. The easier way to fill up the patches is to sow grass seed in the affected area. Remember to add compost before sowing and water it regularly.

  2. 2: Time to plant sweet peas in the garden.

    Follow the planting instructions on the seed packet and remember to add much on your newly planted seeds.

  3. 3. Prune grasses

    Time to give your grasses a much needed hair cut. Once you’ve them, put some compost around the plant.

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