Gardening Tips – Episode 3

  1. Plant seeds to fill empty gaps in the garden

    Fill in the empty spaces left behind when you removed your summer colour by planting seeds. Right now is a fantastic time to plant Namaqualand daises. They are available in mixed packets and if you follow the instructions of the packet you can’t go wrong.

  2. Plant Daffodils now

    Time to put in the bulbs, specifically Daffodils to make sure they flower on time and give awesome colour. Read the back of the packet for planting instructions as well as water requirements.

  3. Deadheading roses

    If you have roses in your garden, the one activity that you should be doing every week is deadheading your roses, which basically the removal of the spent flowers. This will encourage the plant to put more energy into producing more flowers for you and keep it healthy.

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