Gardening 101 is your complete beginners’ gardening guide, from things that need to be done in the garden, to practical planting advice and basic landscape design principles. Presented by Melanie Walker and organic food gardener Linda Galvad, this team will give you the confidence and inspiration to create a thriving garden for you and your family. A new design focussed segment steered by award winning landscape designer Michael Rickhoff will give you the confidence to design your own aesthetically pleasing garden. Whether you’re a novice gardener or simply want inspiration, this series will show you how to get your hands dirty and start growing. 

Show Times:

Mon 14:30 | Tue 21:00 | Wed 09:00 & 18:30 | Thu 13:00 & 23:30 | Fri 17:00 | Sat 12:00 & 19:00 | Sun 16:00 & 23:00

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