Leaf inspired Water feature

Tanya transforms a dull spot in the garden into something beautiful by installing an organically inspired water feature and then finishing off the garden with plants that will do well in deep shade.

What you need

  • X1 Bucket river sand (damp)
  • Black plastic
  • A leaf (of your choice – provided that it’s almost round)
  • ½ bucket river sand
  • ½ bucket cement
  • Water
  • Steel trowel
  • 8 gauge re-enforcing wire
  • 50mm copper pipe
  • Sponge

What to do

  1. Pour the bucket of damp river sand on to the black plastic to form a mound for the leaf
  2. Place the leaf upside down onto the sand mound
  3. Mix ½ bucket  fine river sand, ½ bucket  cement powder with enough  water to form a soft dough like mixture
  4. Join the leaf piece together to create the bowl shape then put a 2cm layer of mortar mixture to keep the leaf pieces together.
  5. Take a 50mm copper pipe (traditionally used in household water piping) and place it in the middle of the leaf (where the water will be funnelling through), push it through the leaf into the river sand mound.  Put some more mortar mix around your copper pipe to keep it and place
  6. Continue to add a 2cm layer of mortar mix onto the entire leaf
  7. Take pieces of 8 gauge wire and bend it to the shape of the leaf and place them around the leaf (this is for re-enforcement) then proceed to add another layer of mortar onto the leaf and then leave it to dry.

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