Gabion Table

Annalien and Peter build a table with a thick movable top and a thick base that has windows which  allows you to display cut wood through wire mesh. This project can be made exactly to suit your needs and tastes. See how they build it in a few easy to understand steps to inspire you to build a version of your own .

You will need:

Tools Materials
GCM compound mitre saw Ply wood 18mm (nice quality )
PST 18 Jigsaw  Table Top800mm x 800mm – 2 pieces
POF 1400  Table top sides 840mm x 100mm – 4 pieces
PSR 10.8 Cordless drill Driver Table top brace 800mm x 60mm – 4 pieces
PSR 18 Cordless Drill Driver Table top bottom slats 50mm x 640mm – 4 pieces
PEX 220 Eccentric/Random Orbital sander Leg outside (l&R) frame 600mm x 650 mm – 2 pieces (grain direction of 650) 
Angle grinder Leg outside L1&R1) 560mm x 650mm – 2 pieces (grain directioin of 650mm)
  Inside box (L&R) 440mm x 650mm – 2 pieces
PFS 3000 spray gun Inside box (L1&R2) 400mm x 650mm – 2 pieces
  Base 600mm x 600mm – 1 piece
  Door stops for feet – 8
  Metal grid 40-60mm squares 500mm x 550mm – 4 pieces (slightly bigger is better as we can cut to size on camera) 
  4 x 40 mm cut screws
  Pine wood filler
  Waterproof glue
  dark varnish
  clips to fasten metal grid to wood. We will need at least 8 per side (x4) 
  round gum poles 50-70mm thick- Not sure how many we need but lets start with 4 x 1.5 mtrs


Follow these steps:

  1. Top – the idea is to make a thicker top
  2. Assuming you have had all you wood pre-cut,
  3. With your table top pre – cut mark out where the side slats (frame) fit on the outer edges of the table top.
  4. Mark out and drill pilot holes for inside brace slats
  5. With the bottom side of the table top facing up attach the support slats and the (frame) slats that surround the table top
  6. Attach the bottom board to the table top with screws
  7. Make L shaped brackets that fit on the bottom of the top you just made. These will slot into the middle leg so that the top remains stable.   
  8. Fill holes and let dry
  9. Bottom/feet – the idea here is to have an outer frame and an inner frame. That way you don’t fill it totally with stones. It can also be moved around then.
  10. Mark off on base where inside frame (the leg) and outside frame attach
  11. Make inner frame and attach to base ( this will be one big box leg)
  12. On outer frame mark off where the grids will go and cut out “window” to form a frame.
  13. Router recess on the inside
  14. Sand and varnish both top and feet
  15. Join the four frames together and attach to the base
  16. Cut wire mesh to size and mount onto frames – you can also use Hessian
  17. Insert into “windows”
  18. Cut pieces of wooden pole to fit between inner frame and grids to fill the spaces
  19. Attach table top to the middle leg

Get the layout

Click to view the Gabion Table layout