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Sharon Glass is no stranger to the kitchen and she returns to our TV Screens with – Sharon’s Simple Stylish Meals.

This 13-episode extravaganza of food will show you how easy and rewarding it is to cook simple, satisfying and delicious food for every occasion. The menu ranges from a simple cocktail menu to a lavish dinner party, showing you how to make the best of your meals.

Episode 1 – Ladies Lunch

Sharon Glass is back in the kitchen! In this series, she brings to life her simple stylish meals. She shows us how to add some flair to easy-to-follow and effortless recipes.

Want to know what to prepare for the perfect ladies’ lunch? Today, Sharon demonstrates a delightfully light but delicious menu for a get-together with your friends.

First up is a succulent Fish Wellington, followed by a healthy but stylish Sushi salad.

On the side are some fresh artichokes. And to finish off, an unusual take on fresh fruit – grilled nectarines with balsamic honey.


Episode 2 – 30-minute Chicken Meals

In this week’s episode, Sharon shows us just how creative we can be with chicken – a staple in our daily meals.

All the chicken dishes are quick, simple and most importantly, delicious. On the menu today is two tantalising chicken dishes, namely: chicken teriyaki with fragrant Jasmine rice, a yummy penne with chicken sauce, and a light, refreshing Asian chicken salad.


Episode 3 – Weekly Fish Dinner

This week, Sharon shows us how to make a spectacular seafood menu and some delicious vegetable accompaniments.

On the menu are hearty salmon fish cakes with piquantè peppers sauce, and mouth-watering grilled calamari with lemon-butter sauce.

Accompanied by an asparagus and sugar snap pea salad and a wonderfully moreish spinach and cheese pie, these side dishes won’t disappoint!


Episode 4 – Sunday Family Barbecue/ Braai

To start off this mouth watering menu, Sharon prepares some delicious parmesan crisps with a zesty avo salsa. The main feature is juicy pepper steaks with parsnip fritters and a healthy cobb salad as a side.

A simple deconstructed white chocolate tiramisu is the perfect sweet finish to this hearty but simple family lunch.


Episode 5 – Poolside Lunch

Summer is all about sitting by the poolside with friends, soaking up the sun with some sizzling dishes on the open fire.

Today’s episode of Sharon’s Simply Stylish Meals will leave you in a summer daze. She cooks a wonderful roast butternut, sweet potato and feta salad accompanied by Greek-inspired lamb and rosemary kebabs with a homemade tzatziki and chopped salad.

To satisfy that sweet tooth, Sharon makes a summery fresh peach tart.


Episode 6 – Simple Stylish Summer Supper

Sharon’s motto is healthy, delicious, simply and stylish. In this week’s epsiode she cooks up a dazzling, simple stylish summer supper.

We start off with a fragrant chilled tomato gazpacho, followed by a hearty herbed rack of lamb, accompanied by a healthy broccoli salad with a poppyseed dressing.

But the real star of the menu is Sharon’s wonderfully naughty nougat cheese cake.


Episode 7 – Ways with Chicken

This week on simply stylish meals Sharon shows us how to be creative with chicken.

We begin with juicy spatchcocked baby chickens, followed by Thai chicken and basil spring rolls and succulent honey-mustard chicken breasts served with a Caesar salad.

This is finished off with simple-to-make, yet decadent chocolate and strawberry crêpes.


Episode 8 – Cocktail Food

It’s Cocktail Food day on Sharons Simple Stylish meals, and today Sharon shows you just how quick and easy preparing for a cocktail party can be.

On the menu today are golden delicious Panko Prawns, and a light Asian Butternut laksa soup.

The menu culminates with rosemary and parmesan flatbreads, served with spicy meat kofta and hummus sauce.


Episode 9 – Ways with Mince

It’s the most versatile ingredient in your fridge, and this week, Sharon shows you how to be creative with this budget-friendly meat, mince.

Learn how to make a wholesome meat pie, a quirky Hoisin Mince salad, a hearty meat lasagne and last but by no means least, Italian-inspired Burgers that are a treat for the eyes and the tummy too.


Episode 10 – Sinful Desserts and Tea-time Treats

The good things in life are mostly sweet. On today’s episode of Sharons Simple Stylish meals, Sharon whips up some decadent desserts and tea-time treats.

An indulgent Dulce De Leche Ice cream and a rustic free- form berry pie start the show off with a bang.

For savoury-toothed diners, Sharon prepares a baked camembert trio and the perfect twist on a traditional favourite – the pizza.


Episode 11 – Dinner Party

It’s always a challenge to decide what to cook for a dinner party. Today on Sharon’s Simple Stylish Meals, Sharon shows you how to prepare an appetizing menu and still enjoy spending time with your guests.

As a tantalizing starter, she prepares fresh Mediteranean tartlets followed by stars of the show: Basil and Lime salmon, Malay beef curry casserole and an exotic Israeli couscous.

A wonderful vanilla gelato with a classic, decadent chocolate sauce is up next for dessert.


Episode 12 – Lazy Evenings

The penultimate episode of Sharon’s Simple Stylish Meals is perfect for those lazy summer evenings relaxing on the couch with comfort food at hand.

Inspired by Italy, Sharon prepares a light ricotta gnocchi with a home-made pesto sauce, followed by a wholesome vegetarian pasta.

To compliment these dishes Sharon prepares some Vietnamese rice paper wraps, and a zesty salmon carpaccio with mango salsa.


Episode 13 – Casual Party with Friends

It’s the final episode of Sharon’s Simple Stylish meals and today we enjoy a menu for a casual party with friends.

With a fresh pomegranate and cranberry salad followed by a grilled watermelon and feta salad, you’ll be taken on an enticing foodie journey. The main feature is seared salmon with soba noodles.

We end off with a classic, sweet and tangy tropical fruit salad that will have you longing for more.