Fresh Artichokes


  • Fresh Artichokes


  1. Remove all the hard exterior leaves. Cut off the hard stalks. Cut off all sharp points on the artichokes. Open out the leaves as widely as you can.
  2. Place them in cold water mixed with lemon juice and salt for at least 20 minutes to soak and clean them. This draws out the sand in the leaves.
  3. Place the artichokes upright in a pot or a dish. Drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice. Place the base of artichokes in a little water.
  4. To microwave: 15-20 mins on high depending on size of artichoke
  5. To boil: POT: 40-45 mins on medium high.
  6. Serve hot with hollandaise sauce or serve cold with a dill-mayonnaise sauce.