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Rachel’s Favourite Food For Friends

Series two, Rachel’s Favourite Food For Friends, is about food for entertaining.  Entertaining at home should be great fun, not just for the guests, but also for the hosts.  But it can be a challenge, too.  It’s not just about cooking; it’s also about knowing what’s appropriate for the occasion.  And it’s those special touches that make a party.

Episode 13 – In door Bar-b-Que

Good bar-b-ques require preparation and Rachel suggest some food ideas that taste just as good indoors – you can prepare the food, but you cannot guarantee the weather.  Tandoori chicken, lamb with a herb marinade, tiger prawns with a ginger marinade, chickpea feta and tomato salad, vegetable kebabs with a spicy peanut sauce, barbequed fruit parcels.

Episode 12 – Dinner to Impress

Your mother-in-law, your boss or your partner’s boss (or all three) is coming for dinner – what can you cook to make a good impression? Smoked salmon pâté, roast fillet or beef with red wine glazed shallots, horseradish sauce, chocolate roulade, caramelised walnuts and blue cheese.

Episode 11 – Time for Tea

Sweet and savoury treats for afternoon tea. Cheese and onion tartlets, coffee cake, fruit Madeira cake, almond tartlets, marmalade gingerbread, shortbread.

Episode 10 – Big Family Lunch

“Big family lunch”: a lunch after a Christening.  Cauliflower and cheddar cheese soup, beef bourguignon, spinach and ricotta lasagne, strawberry ice cream.

Episode 9 – Christmas party Food

“Christmas party Food”: Rachel suggests some delicious items to serve at a Christmas party. Smoked trout and avocado crostini; chicory, blue cheese, pecan and cranberry salad, spicy lamb meatballs, baby orange mince pies, mincemeat and almond shortbread, gluhwein

Episode 8 – Sunday lunch

A firm favourite with Rachel and a great, relaxed way to entertain friends. Broad beans with lemon zest, chicken with mushrooms and marjoram, garlic layered potatoes; polenta, almond and lemon cake with berry compote

Episode 7 – Chocolate Heaven

“Chocolate Heaven”: a whole programme dedicated to chocolate, mainly sweet things, but a savoury dish as well. Divine rich chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate truffles with brandy, white chocolate and cranberry cookies and an Italian pork casserole with dark chocolate.

Episode 6 – Party Food

“Party food”: canapés, finger food, food to be eaten standing up, without knives and forks.  Sushi, crostini with Iman Bayildi  (aubergine), sweetcorn cakes, tortilla chips with pea guacamole

Episode 5 – Curry Night

Two great curries, and lots of extras: lamb korma curry, Thai red prawn and butternut curry, Turkish flatbread, raita, hot chilli sauce, tamarind chutney, poppadoms.

Episode 4 – Girls’ night in

We had a boy’s lunch in the last series, so why not a girly dinner in this one? Of course, boys will like this food too!  Rosé cocktail, grenadine cocktail, antipasto, chicken liver paté, Asian pork salad, meringues with raspberries.

Episode 3 – Summery Food

Cure those winter blues with the sort of food you’d like to eat to make you feel summery, even in the depths of winter, using ingredients that are available all year round.   Green goddess salad (a variation on the Caesar salad), roast fish with potato salad, strawberry and honey tart.

Episode 2 – Mid-week dinner party

something a little chic, a little stylish for when you’ve asked people round midweek and suddenly have to cook something after a hard day at work.  Smoked haddock chowder, Moroccan chicken tagine, couscous with mint, pasta with aubergine and pine nuts, caramel poached peaches.

Episode 1 – A Romantic Dinner For Two

“A Romantic Dinner For Two”: first serious date at your house, or first wedding anniversary, so something sensuous and sexy.

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