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Nigella Bites is the compelling series from one of the most influential food­ writers in Britain. NIGELLA LAWSON is a woman who cooks because she loves to eat. Intimate and conversational, the series is part guide and part food confessional. This is real food for real people all cooked in her own kitchen.

During the next five weeks, Nigella will provide a step by step guide to creating meals for every occasion, be it cooking for many or for those times when you are home alone.   For Nigella, entertaining means being with friends, not anguishing alone in the kitchen and the taste of the food is far more important than agonising over presentation.  

Each week she shows how to create straight forward but appetising dishes and offers practical tips and a set of hassle-free principles that make cooking an enjoyable part of life rather than performance art.

Episode 1 – TV Dinners

In the first programme, Nlgella focuses her attention on creating the perfect TV dinner for those occasions when time is of the essenoe. As a working mother, she understands the importanoe of producing a child-friendly, satisfying meal in a matter of minutes.

Episode 2 – Comfort Food

This week Nigella immerses us in the world of comfort  food.  And where better to start than with the ultimate in pleasure on a plate  -Mashed Potato. As everyone knows, there are times when only mashed  potato will do and It really couldn’t be simpler to prepare. Nigella  has only one unbreakable rule when it comes to mash, “do not even consider  using semi-skimmed or skimmed milk” she says, “H has to be full fat!” Perfect as an accompaniment or on it’s own with just a touch of nutmeg.

Episode 3: All-day Breakfast

This week Nigella celebrates  the ail-day  breakfast. “A French historian once said, the only safe way to eat in Britain was to have breakfast  three times a day, well I don’t take that cruel view but I’m willing  to give it a go….why  should we be constrained by the orthodox  time table? I love breakfast  food day or night.'(Nigella Lawson)

Episode 4: Fun Foods

In this programme Nigella says goodbye to the food snobs and purists and  creates a space for a bit of kitsch in the kitchen… such as Elvis Presley’s  fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, Ham baked in Coke and Chocolate  Lime Cheesecake.

Episode 5: Feel Good Food

Nigella focuses on the kind of healthy food we all need to eat when we wish to purge ourselves of life’s impurities. “Templefood is my name for what I eat when I need to feel my body is a temple- believe me in the general run of things it certainly isn’1.  I don’t mean diets or miracle cures, I mean that soothing, pure restorative  food that you optimistically make for yourself after one late night or binge too many.”

Whilst a prairie oyster isn’t most people’s  idea of a good time, It Is the essential preliminary feature of Nigella’s  restoration process. “Working  on Nietzche’s principle that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” this blend of brandy, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, Tabasco and raw egg yolk is “the killer hangover  cure of all time

Episode 6: Chilldhood Memories

This week  NIGELLA LAWSON takes  a trip down memory lane recreat1ng the tastes and flavours of her childhood. Food can be a victim of fashion. but there are times  when  we all feel nostalgic for the delicious dishes we ate as children.  Using recipe  books belonging to her mother and grandmott1ers. Nigel!a  considers the idea that food is ‘personal history’ – a legacy which is handed  down the generations of a family.   Tonight’s dishes include ltal1an sausages and lentils. bread and butter  pudding and a retro revival of Liptaur

Episode 7: Weekend

The point of the weekend is that we have  more time to eat and enjoy food, not more time  to spend preparing  it.  NIGELLA LAWSON  returns this week with a range  of slow-cook recipes,  perfect  for those weekend dinner parties where the host wants to avoid being chained to the kitchen sink.  Tonight’s  dishes include  24-hour aromatic pork, warm  shredded lamb salad with mint,  and Sticky toffee pUdding. 

Episode 8: Slow and Steady

Inviting friends over is the perfect opportunity to perform and its well worth having a few recipes up your sleeve that look and taste fantastic but don’t require nerves of steel to tackle.  This week NIGELLA prepares an array of suppertime favourites to suit all tastes – lamb shanks with couscous, raw salmon w1th ginger and rice vinegar and a mouth watering crème brûlée

Episode 9: Rainy Days

In the penultimate episode  of this highly acclaimed series, Nigella shares the favourite recipes she loves to prepare on those  long rainy days when you just want to stay indoors. And what better  way  to spend a bad-weather  day than creating elaborate and time consuming recipes such as chocolate cloud cake. aubergine involtini and home made  pasta with meatballs.

Episode 10: Party Girl

If the idea of catering for a party makes you want to lie down quietly in a darkened room, you’re not alone. In the final episode, the delights on offer are Union Cafe spiced nuts, Halloumi with chilli and Spatchcocked birds for the barbecue.

Previous Season Episodes:

Episode 5

In the final episode of this enlightening series, NIGELLA LAWSON shares her favourite ‘weekend’ recipes. Intimate and conversational, the programme focuses on the simple yet delicious food she cooks for herself, her family and friends. In this concluding programme, she shows how to create straightforward yet rewarding dishes that make cooking an enjoyable part of weekend life.


Episode 4

In the penultimate episode of the series, Nigella focuses on the foods she loves to eat when she’s cooking for one. “I can never understand it when people say they’re too busy to eat lunch.  However busy I am I always find time to eat!”

One of Nigella’s favourite and most regular lunches is salad with pancetta and parmesan.  Shop-bought  packet salad is the perfect base for this quick and easy dish, and the preparation  is really no more taxing than making a sandwich.


Episode 3

But Nigella’s love of food goes way beyond her favourite childhood dishes. There are a number of great cookery writers whom she feels have played an important role in her life. In her extensive library- which she refers to as her ‘acquired family,’ she shares one of her favourite CLAUDIA RODEN recipes- tagliatelle with chicken, toasted pinenuts and sultanas; a succulent meaty dish and ‘family food at its best.


Episode 2

Even when entertaining friends more formally, Nigella is definitely ‘a main course and pudding only’ kind of girl. A drop dead gorgeous pudding does not mean hours of preparation or stress and ideally it should be something that can be made well in advance. A personal favourite of Nigella’s is her rhubarb and muscast wine jelly, fabulously pink and fun to prepare.


Episode 1

In the first programme Nigella focuses her attention on creating quick and satisfying meals for those occasions when time is of the essence. “Fast food is a necessity in all our lives but it doesn’t have to be all briskness and efficiency,” she says. “The idea here for me is food that I love eating but that doesn’t give me a nervous breakdown to cook.”  As a working mother Nigella understands the importance of producing good food which is fast and easy to prepare; her ethos is clear “What I’m after is minimum effort for maximum pleasure in both the cooking and the eating.”