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Luxurious Bridal Shower Menu

On today’s episode Vicky shows how to create interesting meals: Baby mozzarella, Rosa tomato and fresh basil skewers, Gorgonzola cheese and caramelized pear puff pastry tarts, Gorgeous meringue nests with raspberry coulis and frosted rose petals.

Its picnic time

Its picnic time with Fresh & Simple. This week Vicky heads outdoors for a stylish picnic and she shows you how to make a roasted butternut, feta cheese and sundried tomato pasta salad presented in Jam jars for starters. This is followed by a rustic filled sourdough panini loaf. And Vicky finishes off with decadent chocolate brownies, drizzled with icing sugar

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Tea Parties are great fun. They’re the perfect way for a group of friends to get together during the day to enjoy some great food and conversation.

So to start with this week Vicky will show you how to prepare Asian tuna cucumber sandwiches as a light, snaky starter.

After that she’ll prepare some delicious Vegetarian wraps with sweet chilli sauce and pink peppercorns

And to top it all off, the most amazing vanilla cupcakes served in decorative tea cup. 

Truly South African

Today’s menu is truly South African with a gourmet twist.

For starters Vicky will show you how to prepare Corn & Chili Fritters with Biltong shavings and red pepper.  The main course is grilled ostrich on Pap with tangy marmalade

And the dessert is a classic Milk Tart prepared in an unconventional way.

Good Food and Wine

Today Vicky’s got a special treat for everyone out there who regularly host get-togethers at their homes for friends. Be it a book club or a wine-of-the-month club, any casual get-together where good friends come together over a mutual interest and share good food and wine. For starters a delicious chickpea, feta and coriander salad for the main course a whole roast chicken with lemon and origanum served with a creamy potato and leek bake.  And for dessert a mouth watering Halva ice cream.

Formal Setting – Black and White

This week’s episode of Fresh & Simple is a little different than previous episodes, in that instead of designing the table setting around the food, instead Vicky creates the perfect meal to accompany a formal Black & White table setting. On the menu today is a Courgette and Mint soup with a long herbed bruschetta for starter. Thai chilli fish cakes with a mango, red onion and coriander salsa presented with a baby herb salad as the main meal. And a Deconstructed white chocolate tiramisu for dessert.

Simple Seafood

Today Vicky tackles something that a lot of people are a bit nervous about trying to cook at home, seafood. Vicky will show you an easy way to prepare mussels in a tomato and white wine sauce for starters, individual seafood parcels with linefish, fresh cream and mushrooms for the main course, and then some melon and sorbet sandwiches for dessert.

Gourmet Greek

This week on Fresh & Simple Vicky explores her Greek roots and shows viewers how to prepare the perfect Greek meal. The starter is a delicious Spanakopita, or spinach pie. After that Vicky will show you how to prepare the perfect Lamb Kleftiko and the dessert is a traditional Greek Rizogalo, or rice pudding.

Brilliant Breakfast

Coming up this week on Fresh & Simple, we get the day started off right with a brilliant breakfast that your whole family will enjoy. We start off by preparing and baking a fantastic homemade banana bread. After that we’ll prepare delicious granola Parfaits served in elegant glassware, and, for the main course, an amazing Good Morning Breakfast Wrap with salmon and scrambled eggs.

Dinner for Two

This week on Fresh & Simple, Vicky shows viewers how to prepare a stunning summer dinner for two. The meal starts with a roasted tomato tart with home-made Basil Pesto and fresh herbs. For the main course Vicky shows you how to prepare a baked Salmon dish with lemon Pistachio butter, seared Asparagus and mustard mash. And for dessert she prepares a Chocolate Nutella tart with roasted hazelnuts and mixed berries.

Family Style Feast

In today’s edition of Fresh & Simple host Vicky Crease shows you how to prepare a family-style feast that can be enjoyed by small or large groups. In addition to showing you how to set a simple yet elegant table, Vicky’s recipe for today includes a Haloumi and sweet melon salad, A roast crown of lamb with fresh rosemary and Greek roast potatoes and Baklava fans drizzled with honey for dessert.

Fresh Summer Lunch

Today on Fresh & Simple Vicky shows you how to prepare a light and fresh lunch for a group of friends. The Menu includes a potato and spring onion rosti with smoked salmon, cottage cheese and capers for starters, seared beef fillets with a fresh cream and basil pesto sauce on gorgonzola mash for mains, and a meringue roulade with rosewater and fresh berries. Vicky also shows you how to set the perfect summer lunch table. 

Thai Temptations

In the first episode of The Home Channel’s brand new cooking and home entertaining show, Fresh and Simple, presenter and chef Vicky Crease delves into the world of Thai cooking by showing you how to prepare a delicious Tropical salad with prawns, black sesame seeds, pineapple and purple cabbage for a starter. For mains a Thai Green curry with cashew nuts and fresh coriander. And Vicky finishes off by showing you how to make an incredible Mango yoghurt with a cardamom reduction. Vicky also gives you some simple tips on how to match your table decoration to your meal.