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In this season of Fresh and Simple, Vicky Crease brings you a range of beautiful meals presented with the style and panache for which you have come to know her.

Be inspired with luscious food and magnificent décor as Vicky gives you wonderful ideas from hearty family meals like chicken casserole and sticky toffee pudding to fun, stylish themed dinners like a poker night or Afrilicious evening. Try her magnificent venison potjie, or a grilled beef fillet with creamy garlic sauce, and a traditional rack of pork with apples and sage.

Not forgetting desserts, Vicky takes decadent to a whole new level with African Obsession pana-cotta and bread and butter pudding with a twist, along with lighter options like a fresh fruitcake stack and a strawberry cheese delight.

All beautifully presented with interesting décor ideas, this is the ultimate in stylish food.

Episode 1: Winter Wonderland

In the first episode of the new season, Vicky Crease prepares a wonderful, hearty winter meal. With a starter of pumpkin, ginger and apple soup, she then makes a quick and easy one pot wonder chicken casserole, and a decadently delicious sticky toffee pudding for dessert.


Episode 2: Christmas In July

In Africa, we don’t get to experience the cold weather and cozy fires at Christmas time, so why not recreate the event in July? This week, Vicky prepares a wonderful Christmas in July feast with eggnog warmers, a sweet and tender roast pork rack, and a fresh fruitcake stack with roasted almonds and honey for dessert.


Episode 3: London Calling

In keeping with the spirit of the London Olympic Games, this week on Fresh & Simple, Vicky created a traditionally inspired English meal. She makes individual chicken and mushroom pot-pies, traditional fish and chips served with a twist, and delicious bread and butter pudding for a sweet touch.


Episode 4: Poker Evening

A poke evening doesn’t have to be all beer and peanuts. This week Vicky’s throwing a stylish poker evening with a beautiful menu. To start, a vibrant Caprese salad with fresh basil pesto, a main course of grilled beef fillet with a creamy garlic sauce, and strawberry cheese delight to finish. Place your bets, because this is going to be a good one!


Episode 5: Afrilicious

Inspired by the colours and flavours of Africa, this week on Fresh and Simple, Vicky is preparing and Afrilicious meal. With a vibrant first course of spicy chicken and vegetable skewers served on a bed of spiced corn, the main event is a chocolate chilli, venison “potjie”. To finish off the meal, Vicky creates an utterly indulgent Afrcian Obsession panna-cotta.


Episode 6: Spanish Seduction

It’s a Spanish sensation on Fresh and Simple this week, as Vicky prepares a fresh tomato gazpacho soup served in cucumber cups, followed by a traditional seafood and chorizo paella. For dessert, she creates decadent chocolate mendiants loaded with fruit and nuts.


Episode 7: Chinese Evening

Vicky is creating an Imperial Feast on Fresh and Simple this week. To start, a fresh salmon cucumber Wrap full of vibrant flavours, followed by intriguing lacy lime pancakes filled with lime chicken. And for dessert, Vicky’s making a fragrant coconut rice pudding served with a fruit coulis.


Episode 8: Spring Festival

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to get outside and start enjoying the wonderful weather.

This week on Fresh and Simple, Vicky creates a spring feast with fig and gorgonzola phyllo ribbons, a deliciously tender char grilled beef fillet with a balsamic tomato reduction, and finally, a decadent ice cream loaf with coffee, nutella and meringue.


Episode 9: Greek Island Feast

Vicky goes back to her roots this week as she prepares a traditionally inspired Greek Island feast.

Starting with Yemista, or stuffed, baked vegetables, the main event is a whole baked fish with vine leaves, olives and feta, and then Kataifi nests with Greek yogurt and candied oranges for dessert.


Episode 10: Artist’s Pallette

It’s all about colour this week on Fresh and Simple as Vicky cooks a meal based on an artist’s pallete.

Starting with a vibrant duo of tapenades, the main course is dramatic squid inc pasta with seared salmon, topped with watercress, raddish and pomegranate salad.

Finally, in a riot of colour, rainbow cupcakes for dessert.


Episode 11: Eco Friendly

Going green is all the rage these days as people are becoming more aware of the environment.

This week, Vicky creates a meal which keeps the environment in mind served on a table filled with re-used, recycled and repurposed décor items.

To start, baked pesto and parmesan oysters (farmed of course), rich and delicious roasted butternut and gorgonzola pasta, and for dessert, rosewater cream dessert.


Episode 12: Keeping it stylish

Keeping it stylish, as ever, on Fresh and Simple, this week Vicky is throwing a New York style cocktail party.

Its finger food at its finest with grilled calamari and lemon cream, fragrant coconut prawn skewers and mini Manhattan burgers served with Cajun potato wedges.

And to finish, traditional New York cheesecake with a twist, served in cocktail glasses.


Episode 13: 3 Course Braai

The South African summer is in full swing, so this week on Fresh and Simple, we’re taking it outside with a three course braai.

Greek salad toasties topped with grilled haloumi cheese gets things started, followed by grilled lobster tails with a mango and granadilla salsa.

Finally, grilled pineapple skewers served with a fragrant mint sugar and home made custard.