Flower Planter

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 A planter is perfect if you need to add some colour to your patio or to hide those bland areas like open walls. See how Peter and Annalien build a planter so  that you may be inspired to build you very own. The team also calls in an expert to show you how to create an interesting paint technique on the planter.

You will need:

Tools Materials
Jigsaw plus guide 18mm ply wood
Router Box front & back 500 mm x 200mm – 2 pieces (grain in long direction)
PEX 300 sander (New one) Box sides 184 mm x 200mm – 2 pieces (grain in SHORT direction)
PSR 18 cordless drill driver Box bottom 464mm x 184mm – 1 piece
PST Jigsaw and guide Legs, back and leg slats 70mm x 1000 mm – 9 pieces
PFS Spray gun dado rail/extrusion – fancy type (any wood) +/- 70mm wide x 500mm length (ask for an offcut if they have)
  heart – off cut (we will look in scrap box)
  plastic to line inside (we can cut from the drop sheet)
  dark paint (pva) – for base coat
  light paint (pva) – for paint effect
  4 x 40mm screws
  4 x 30mm screws
  Water proof wood glue


Steps to build the planter

Step to follow shortly

Download the plan

Flower Planter Plan