Floating canvas frame

In this week’s episode of Get It Done, we look at frames and show you how to build a floating frame for a canvas.

You will need

Tools Materials
Cordless Jigsaw Meranti 20mm (PAR)
POF Router Sides 50mm x  1200mm – 4 pieces
18 Volt Cordless drill driver 3mm Masonite backing
PSR1080 cordless screwdriver 840 mm x 1100 mm – 1 piece
Pex sander D ring hangers x 2 pieces
PFS 2000 spray gun Primer spray – 1 tin
PCM compound mitre Backing board spray (black) – 1 tin
Electric tacker Water based Varnish
wood glue
3 x 35mm screws
wood filler – meranti


Follow these steps:

  1. Measure and cut frame sides to size
  2. Assemble outer frame
  3. Fill holes and varnish
  4. Spray primer on backing board
  5. Paint backing board
  6. Attach frame to the backing board
  7. Attach the picture to the backing board
  8. Attach D rings to the back of the picture.